teleDouglas Hall (DH) Room 122

Tel: (773)995-2559 | Fax: (773)995-3762


Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday

Telephone Service

The Office of Telecommunications offers the following voice services to CSU.

  • Desktop Telephones
  • Conference phones
  • Fax Lines
  • Mobile telephones
  • Mobile hot spots

To facilitate our users to conduct Chicago State University’s business, the Office of Telecommunications offers the following features on its telephones.

Single line (M8009) in most buildings and offices

  •       Last Number Redial
  •       Stored Number Redial
  •       Six manual programmable auto-dial keys – speed dial
  •       Consultation hold
  •       Call waiting
  •       Call forward
  •       Call transfer
  •       Call pickup
  •       Message waiting LED
  •       Conference calls – up to six participants

Single line IP phones – i1110 (in Library and JCC only) – all the features above plus

  •       Mute
  •       Caller ID
  •       Date/time display
  •       Ring again
  •       Feature buttons

Multiline phones i1120 (in Library & JCC only), M2616 and M3904 – all the features above plus

  •       Multiple extensions and line appearances
  •       Speaker phone
  •       Intercom calling
  •       Group call 

Log In

  • Dial 2100 or press the Message key. (773) 995-2100 if off campus.
  • Enter #, or 4 digit extension # if dialing from another phone.
  • Enter you password and press #. (First time users password is 77 + extension number)

 Change Password

  • Login to Voice Mail 
  • Press 84 (change password command)
  • Enter your old password and press #.
  • Enter your new password (must be six - eight numbers in length) and press #.
  • Re-enter your new password and press #.
  • Hang up to exit voice mail system

 Listen to Voice Mail

  • Login to Voice Mail
  • Press 2, if necessary, to listen to the message
  • Press 1 to rewind 5 seconds
  • Press 3 to forward 5 seconds
  • Press 6 to proceed to next message
  • Press 4 to go back to previous message
  • Press 76 to delete message, press 76 again to restore message
  • Hang up to exit voice mail system 

Record Name & Greetings 

  1. Login to Voice Mail (extension 2100)
  2. Press 82 (Record messages/personal verification)
    1. External Greeting, press 1
    2. Internal Greeting, press 2
    3. Temporary Greeting, press 3
    4. Personal Verification (record your name), press 9
  3. Press 5 to record your message or name
  4. Press # to stop recording
  5. Press 2 to listen to the recording
  6. Press 5 to add to the message
  7. Press 76 to delete the message and rerecord (repeat steps 3-5).
  8. If recording a temporary greeting, press 9 to enter the expiry date.  The system will automatically revert to the original greeting upon the expiry date.
  9. To return to voice mail, press 4 or hang up to exit system 

 Forward a message

  1. After hearing the message, press 73 to forward
  2. Enter the mailbox/extension number and press #.  Do this for every extension you want to forward this message
  3. Press # again to end the list
  4. Press 5 to record a message for the message forwarded
  5. Press # to stop the recording.
  6. Press 79 to send the message
  7. Hang up to exit voice mail system

In compliance with Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act, the Office of Telecommunications uses E911.  When users from the university dial 911 from their assigned desktop phones, the call not only reaches the City of Chicago 911 Center, but a notification is also sent to the University Police.  The information sent is the name of the person to whom the extension is assigned, the full telephone number of the extension, and the nearest location (building & office).  This will allow the University Police to escort City of Chicago emergency personnel to the exact location of the emergency.

The Office of Homeland Security offers Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) and Wireless Priority Service (WPS) to support national leadership; federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments; first responders; and other authorized national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) users. These services are intended to be used in an emergency or crisis situation when the landline and/or wireless networks are congested and the probability of completing a normal call is reduced.

Persons at Chicago State University who were eligible for this service were issued a GETS card and instruction pamphlet.  You should practice making GETS/WPS calls to familiarize yourself with the procedure in times of emergency or crisis.

Persons calling CSU's main number or internal users dialing the operator only need to say the full name of the person/department to whom (s)he wishes to speak.  No directories are required.

If you experience any issues using the SpeechAttendant, please provide the Office of Telecommunications (x2559 or with the date and time and the name of the person/department you were trying to reach. 

SpeechAttendant Guide

Record Your Name

Policies/Procedures & Other Services

Submit all telephone orders/repairs and data cabling requests to the Help Desk at x3963. All Service order forms must be approved by your Dean, Department Chair, or Department Head. A staff member from the Office of Telecommunications will contact you regarding your request.

  1. Internal (on-campus) - dial four or five-digit extension
  2. External (United States and Canada) - dial 9 1 + (area code) (seven-digit number)
  3. For other international dialing locations, go to Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes.  The website will provide you with country codes and dialing instructions.

In accordance with ITD-Telecommunications' objective to render exceptional service in a timely manner, the following timelines have been adopted to complete all requests.  The timeline may require adjustment due to circumstances beyond our control.  We will notify you of any known timeline adjustments as soon as possible.  To ensure the timeline is met, all orders must be submitted to the Help Desk at x3963.  Orders received after 1:00 pm central time are posted for handling on the next business day. 

  • The Office of Telecommunications will respond to service orders and assign to a technician within 1 business day
  • All trouble/incident tickets will be completed by a technician within 2 business days of assignment
  • Up to three extensions in a single MAC/Service Order will be completed by a technician within 5 business days of assignment
  • A telecommunications project is defined by a single MAC/Service Order for more than three extensions, i.e., relocation of a department or a new voice service that requires a new voice or data cable pull.  A telecommunications project requires Telecommunications staff or our on-site technician to conduct a site survey before we can proceed with the project.  Upon completion of the survey, we will send the requestor/department manager an invoice including the specific cable pull requirements and associated costs. We will schedule the technician to begin work when a Purchase Order in CSU Buy is accepted by our vendor.  We will provide the requestor with an estimated completion time.
  • Requests for an emergency or critical telecommunications “voice service request” must be submitted to the Help Desk at x3963.  Please include the time requested in the comment box.  We will evaluate the request to determine the completion time.

In compliance with the State of Illinois and Chicago State University telephone usage policies, the Office of Telecommunications has devised a “calling matrix” that aligns telephone extensions to specific calling privilege boundaries.  The change will enhance and strengthen our position in the avoidance of audit findings while reducing the unsubstantiated cost to the University.  

 The matrix developed, in order of expanded calling capabilities, is as follows:   

  1. Utility phones, i.e. courtesy phones, elevator phones, code blue phones, etc., will be limited to on-campus calling, 911, and 311. 
  2. All employees’ phones, department phones, and fax lines will be given the privileges mentioned in item 1 plus the contiguous United States. 
  3. The President’s Office and Global Engagement office plus their fax lines will be given privileges mentioned in item 2 plus calling access will include Alaska, Hawaii, and international calling privileges. 
  4. The campus operator is available to place international calls for users in item 2 when required.
  5. The Office of Telecommunications will send international faxes for users in item 2 when required.

To prevent unauthorized telephone use after work hours, telephones located in open areas, i.e., secretaries, students, etc. can request calling privileges reduced to campus only during business hours or request an authorization code to complete calls.

Telecommunications has created guidelines for the assignment of telephone type to gain campus consistency and to contain and reduce cost, while preserving the best interest of the University.  Outside of the guidelines, the User can purchase the desired phone by transferring funds into Telecommunications account #LI315-1700 following clearance and sign-off by the department’s Fiscal Officer. 

M8009 - Single Line analog telephone:  Message waiting LED, redial key, link key for conference calls and call waiting, hold key, last number dialed/save key, six (6) manual programmable auto-dial keys, and release key.

i1110 – Single Line IP telephone:  Message waiting LED, redial key, link key for conference calls and call waiting, hold key, last number dialed/save key, release key, mute key, caller I.D., date/time display, message waiting LED, feature keys, hold key, release key.   (Library & JCC buildings only)

Job functional criteria:

a)     Allow Users to make calls based on the Privileges policy to conduct University business

Multi-line telephone: Hands free speakerphone/mute key, caller I.D., date/time display, message waiting LED, feature keys, hold key, release key, ability to have multiple extensions and line appearances.  

M2616 – Digital Multiline telephone with small display
M3904 – Digital Multiline telephone with large display
i1120 – IP Multiline telephone (Library and JCC buildings only)
Job function criteria:  
a)     Secretaries, administrators, or office assistants that perform call coverage (answer phone calls) for the entire unit or department.
b)     Participants of an automatic call distribution (ACD) group.
c)     Recipient requires programmable feature keys to support special applications or functionality.
d)     Executive management and their direct reports that have the responsibility of managing multiple staff members 


Price Sheet When Servicing

Grants, Requests Outside of CSU Telecommunications Guidelines and Office Allotment

For Telephone, Voice Cable and Data Jack



$ 50.00          M8009 - Purchase and installation of a Single Line Telephone/no display
$100.00         i1110 - Purchase and installation of an IP Single Line Telephone
$100.00        M2616 - Purchase and installation of a Digital Multiline Telephone w/small display
$150.00        M3904 – Purchase and installation of a Digital Multiline Telephone w/large display
$200.00        i1120 – Purchase and installation of an IP Multiline Telephone

Voice or Data Cable:

The cost below is based upon requests outside of the standard allocation of 1:1 (voice/data) per User.  Quantities greater than three data cables require the vendor to review the work. A quote of the cost from the vendor will be submitted to the User for consideration.    

$200.00 --- Installation of a jack where there is existing wiring
$426.00 --- Installation of a new jack 

For your association with Chicago State University, as a student or employee, mobile services providers, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc., offers you a discount on its services.  Please review their offerings below.


CHICAGO STATE UNIVERSITY- EMPLOYEE or STUDENT (Typically these are added thru the Retail Store; they will need to verify information)



Consumer Cellular

  • Senior discount through AARP - Members save 5% on monthly service and usage charges and 30% on select accessories. Plans start at $15 per month, require no contract, and include free activation.