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Chicago state University partners with the National Student Clearinghouse for fulfillment of transcript request orders. All orders must be submitted online through the National Student Clearinghouse.


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Transcript Ordering FAQS: 

  • I am a student or alum; what kinds of transcript ordering options do I have? Students can order mailed transcripts, electronic transcripts, or ‘hold-for-pick-up’ transcripts (i.e. where you can pick them up from Chicago State University directly). Note: if you only attended CSU before 1997, we do not offer e-transcripts.


  • How much do transcript orders cost?
    • Electronic transcripts: $10.00 per order
    • USPS Mailed transcripts: $10.00 per copy + $2.50 processing fee, per order.
    • Hold-for-pick-up: $10.00 per copy + $2.50 processing fee, per order.


  • How soon will I receive my transcript after the order is submitted? 
    • Electronic transcripts: generally arrive to an email inbox within ~20 minutes.
    • USPS Mailed transcripts: 7 – 10 business days.
    • Hold-for-pick-up: Available next-day at 9501 S. King Drive, Cook Administration Building, Rm. 128 


  • I only need an unofficial transcript; how do I go about obtaining that? Current students can login to their CSU X-Press account by selecting “Academic Transcript” from the “Student Records” menu. Alumni can email a copy of their photo ID (for identity verification) to, to request their CSU X-Press account be temporarily unlocked, so they can obtain their transcript.


  • What is the difference between an official and unofficial transcript? This is an important distinction in higher education! Here are notes:
    • Mailed transcripts in sealed/unopened envelopes are considered official. Once the seal/envelope is opened, it is considered unofficial.
    • All transcripts mailed or issued directly to a student are stamped: "ISSUED TO STUDENT." These transcripts are considered official; however, some institutions/agencies may not accept them as official. Please check with your institution/agency first. 
      • Similarly, many institutions will not accept an electronic transcript that was emailed to the student and forwarded from them.


  • Can I submit my transcript order over the phone or via fax? No. Students must submit their transcript request via the National Student Clearinghouse at: 

Chicago State University supports the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act

Please note: unofficial and e-transcripts will not be available to students that attended prior to the Fall of 1996.