Former CSU undergraduate students who have been dismissed from the University for poor academic scholarship (DPS) and have been absent from the University for at least one semester may apply for Reinstatement. The applicant must submit all of the following before an admission decision is determined:

  • Written Academic Petition (PDF) (forms are also located in Cook Bldg., Rooms 126 and 128)
  • Supporting documents, if appropriate.
  • Official transcripts for all course work completed since leaving the university.

Office of Registrar

Cook Administration Building, Room 128
Telephone: (773) 995-2517
Fax:(773) 995-3618


Applicants will be reinstated to the program in which previously enrolled. To change degree programs students must contact the Office of Academic Evaluation and Advisement, Cook Administration Building, Room 128, 773-995-2520.

Petitions are reviewed by the Readmissions Committee on the 15th of each month.

Please fill the form out in its entirety. Your completed petition must:

  • be a clear, concise statement of your request and why it should be considered.
  • have attached documentation when appropriate
  • have the signatures of the faculty person, chair and or dean when appropriate.

NOTE: All documents must be received before any action can be taken on the application for reinstatement.