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 Welcome to the Office of Student Financial Aid

May 15th - July 31st
Monday - Wednesday  8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursdays  8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Fridays  CLOSED

The mission of the Office of Student Financial Aid is to support the University's overall goal of providing an affordable, quality education by providing financial assistance to those students and their families seeking to offset their educational costs.  

You need to know .  .  .

  • MAP FOR THE FALL 2016 AND SPRING 2017 SEMESTERS - Due to the State of Illinois Budget Impasse, funds have not been released to cover the MAP Grant Program in Illinois. Despite the lack of funding, and after careful consideration, the University has decided to cover the outstanding balances ONLY, not to result in a refund, for students who, during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters, met the following conditions:
          Had a Tuition and/or Mandatory Fee balance due to unpaid MAP,
          Met all conditions for MAP,
          The posting of an award will not create a credit balance on the
                  student's account that would result in a refund.

    The credit posted to the student’s account will cover tuition and mandatory fees ONLY. Students will be responsible for covering non-institutional fees such as graduation, ID replacement, Library fines etc., and room and board. In addition, the University credit will be reversed if any of the following occurs:
          The Budget Impasse is resolved and MAP pays out to students,
          The student receives outside funding,
          The student receives funding from other Federal assistance programs.

  • TANF SCHOLARSHIP - The University has not been notified if funding will be provided for the Summer semester. Should funding become available notification will be posted on this web page.



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Please visit this web page periodically for information regarding any changes to financial aid programs that may affect your financial aid eligibility. Read all e-mail communications from the Office of Student Financial Aid and remember . . .

It is the responsibility of all students to keep themselves informed as to issues that may affect their financial aid eligibility by regularly accessing the Office of Student Financial Aid web site and CSU X-Press.

If you are a veteran, or the child or spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for educational benefits. For more information please visit our Veterans Affairs web site.


If you are interested in applying for admission to an undergraduate program please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions web site or contact them at 773-995-2513.

If you are interested in applying for admission to a Masters or Doctorate program please visit the School of Graduate and Professional Studies web site or contact them at 773-995-2404. 



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