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Former Students

Who have not attended for at least 2 years should email: to have their account temporarily unlocked in order to access student record information including unofficial transcripts and financial aid tax information.

Program Change

Undergraduate students who would like to request curriculum changes to their academic record should submit this form to add, delete, or change a major, minor or concentration.


Contact your academic advisor for web registration dates. For additional information refer to our Academic Calendar as well as our Course Schedule page and  Registering & Dropping coursework online.


Note: If you are trying to drop your last (or only) course for a semester, this is called a "Complete Withdrawal." Because of financial aid, Complete Withdrawals are processed differently and you cannot drop your last course yourself online. Instead, you must submit the “Complete Withdrawal Request Form” in CSU X-Press by the published deadline on the academic calender. We ask students to participate in a short exit interview with Financial Aid prior to the processing of the complete withdrawal. 

Enrollment Status

What constitutes full-time, three quarter-time, and half-time enrollment? Please review the two charts below:


Undergraduate Students: 

Fall & Spring Semesters Summer Session
Full-time = 12+ credit hours Full-time = 7+ credit hours
Three-quarter time = 9 - 11.9 credit hours Three-quarter time = 6 - 6.9 credit hours
Half-time = 6 - 8.9 credit hours Half-time = 4 - 5.9 credit hours
Less than half-time = 1 - 5.9 credit hours Less than half-time = 1 - 3.9 credit hours


Graduate Students

Fall & Spring Semesters Summer Session
Full-time = 9+ credit hours Full-time = 5+ credit hours
Three-quarter time = 7 - 8.9 credit hours Three-quarter time = 4 - 4.9 credit hours
Half-time = 5 - 6.9 credit hours Half-time = 3 - 3.9 credit hours
Less than half-time = 1 - 4.9 credit hours Less than half-time = 1 - 2.9 credit hours