Academic Computing

Academic Computing

Academic computing encompasses all services and support for classroom/lecture hall technological teaching needs from computers to projectors and smart boards. Our services include maintenance and support for computer labs and dissemination of enterprise approved software across the board.  

Building has podiums with computer and projector in place and some rooms have ceiling-mounted projectors.
Rooms have Promethean boards deployed. Departments/Faculty is advised to provide their own laptops to connect to the Promethean board/projectors.
Room Number No. Of Computers Software Designated
ED 204 19 Apple    Yes
ED 202  12 MAC    Yes
ED 109 Technology Performance  20 MS Office, Adobe Yes
ED 310 Teacher Development  20 MS office, Adobe  Yes
ED 110 Pearson Testing 1 Pearson Testing Software  Yes
BHS 100 Nursing Lab  30 MS Office, SPSS, Adobe  Yes
BHS 302 Art & Design Lab 19 Apple MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite  Yes
BHS 508 Business Lab  28 MS office, SPSS, Adobe  Yes
BHS 507 Business Lab 13 MS office, SPSS, Adobe Yes
HWH 103 11 Apple Music Software  Yes
HWH 200C English Lab 20 MS Office, Adobe   Yes
HWH 207 Computer Science 25 MS Office, Visual Studio, Adobe  Yes
HWH 211 Computer Science 25 MS Office, Visual Studio, Adobe  Yes
HWH 212 Computer Science 25 MS Office, Visual Studio, Adobe Yes
HWH 130 20 Apple   Yes
SCI 207 GIS Lab 16 MS Office, GIS Software, Adobe Yes 
SCI 106 Chemistry & Physics 9 with Starboards MS Office, Mathematica, Adobe Yes 
SCI 108 Chemistry & Physics 9 with Starboards MS Office, Mathematica, Adobe  Yes
SCI 200 Chemistry & Physics 10    Yes
SCI 300 Chemistry & Physics 10    Yes
SCI 215 Biology 24 Laptops    
SCI 258A Biology  10    
DH 130 Occupational Therapy 20 MS Office, Adobe, SPSS Yes
DH 113 Communications 12 Apple MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite Yes
DH 105 Communications 19 Apple MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite  Yes
DH 110 Communications 11    Yes
SUB 167 Abilities 10 MS Office, Adobe, ZoomText Yes
SUB 240 First Year Experience 4 MS Office, Adobe  No
SUB 230A  6 MS Office, Adobe  No
Career Development Center 4 MS Office, Adobe  Yes
JDC 212 Options/Continuing Education (Being setup) 13 Laptops MS Office, Adobe, Photoshop  Yes
JCC 4409 Athletics 15 Laptops    Yes
DH 3012 Pharmacy 11 Desktops & 5 Apple    Yes
Pharmacy Assessment Lab 6    Yes
Pharmacy Student Technology 6    No
DH 3027 Pharmacy 10    Yes
New Academic Library First Floor General Purpose Computer Lab 70 MS Office, Adobe, Mathematica  No
New Academic Library Second Floor General Purpose Computer Lab 47 MS Office, Adobe  No
New Academic Library Third Floor General Purpose Computer Lab 9 MS Office, Adobe  No
New Academic Library Testing Center 25 MS Office, Adobe Yes 
New Academic Library Room 210 30 MS Office, Adobe  Yes
Residence Hall 360 15 MS Office, Adobe  No
has podiums furnished with laptops and remote control for the projector. The projectors in this building are ceiling mounted. Key lock boxes are provided throughout the classrooms in this building and Faculty is advised to take the passcode to unlock them from their departments or by contacting the dean’s office in HWH 330.
has projectors mounted in the ceiling in the lab/classrooms. Laptops have been provided to the department and faculty is advised to pick up laptops from the department to connect to the projectors.

Users are advised not to write on the SMARTBOARDS. Switch off devices and lock the remotes & all other devices removed from the podium and return the keys before exiting classrooms.

All other classrooms without smart capability requires faculty to request for media equipment.

Contact us

For academic computing related issues including software update/upgrade, lab maintenance and audio-visual learning related issues contact helpdesk at X3963