Record Name

Your name is already included in the system’s directory, but to complete the configuration of your profile, you need to record your name.  This recording will be used to confirm callers’ requests (“Would you like to speak to… {your name}?) and announce transfers (“Transferring your call to… {your name}?).  If you do not record your name, the system will play a computer-generated recording of your name.  This section details how to record your name.

  • From Chicago State University campus, dial 0, if not on campus, dial (773) 995-2000 to access SpeechAttendant
  • As soon as the SpeechAttendant answers, press 123 to access the name recorder.

             ** To be able to record your name, you need to find it in the directory first.

  • Please identify yourself by saying “my name is {your first and last name}.
  • Enter the access code {the extension} and press #.
  • When you are ready to record your name,
    • Press 1 if you are ready to record
    • Press 2 for further instructions
  • When prompted, say your name – first and last.
  • The SpeechAttendant will play your name recording.  You can accept and save your recording.
    • Press 1 to accept and save your name recording
    • Press 2 to hear your name recording again
    • Press 3 to record your name again
    • Press * to cancel the recording

After you save your name recording, you won’t be able to record your name again.


***A few tips

SpeechAttendant Do’s and Don’ts

  •  Speak normally, at a regular pace. Exaggerating your pronunciation may hinder voice recognition.
  •  When saying your name, say the first name or title followed by the last name. Do not use first names only.
  •  No need to wait until the end of the system prompt: you can “barge-in” and interrupt the system to make a request.
  •  You will get better results using the handset rather than speakerphone.
  •  Avoid talking to other people or with food in your mouth while addressing the system.
  •  Make sure there is no interfering noise, such as radio in the background.


Finally, we are convinced that the SpeechAttendant will meet all your expectations.  However, you may experience voice recognition problems.  Please note the date and time of the problem and the name you requested.  Please email this information to the administrator at (extension 2559).

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