Physical Facilities maintain, operate, and protect the University facilities and surroundings in order to provide an environment conducive to learning, safe for the faculty, student and staff, attractive for University visitors and prospective students while preserving the University’s physical appearance for future generations.

Employees at this level perform custodial work required in the routine cleaning and upkeep of buildings. They work under direct supervision from a designated supervisor. A Building Service Worker typically: Mops, sweeps, and scrubs floors and other surfaces; cleans, renovates, and renews floor surface finishes; cleans and dusts furniture, tables, exhibit cases, fixtures, windows, doors, trim, and related furnishings; washes and/or cleans window and door glass, washes interior glass, including partitions, framed pictures, and doors; moves furniture, supplies, and miscellaneous equipment as directed; sweeps or shovels snow from steps and walks at building entrances and connecting walks; locks and unlocks doors to buildings, classrooms, lecture rooms, or offices; cleans and services lavatories and rest rooms; cleans and services smoking urns and ash trays; collects and places debris and recyclable material removed from buildings in containers for removal; cleans and waxes furniture.
Employees in positions allocated to this series are responsible for moving and transporting people, equipment, supplies, furniture, materials, rubbish, mail, and freight. Their activities include physically lifting and moving supplies, equipment, etc.; driving vehicles; and may involve manual unskilled labor. Employees may plan, organize, and direct moving and transport activities. The work is either ongoing (such as a delivery route for mail) or received as a special request by phone or in writing.

Driver Helpers perform physical labor required to

  1. move equipment, supplies, furniture, mail, rubbish, etc.;
  2. load and unload vehicles safely; and
  3. complete unskilled labor tasks.

They typically assist Drivers in loading, securing, and unloading vehicle and in picking up and delivering supplies, equipment, mail, livestock, and freight; move equipment, scaffolding, furniture, rubbish, materials, and supplies using electric, motorized, and hand-operated moving equipment as required; assist Driver with checking routes; direct parking and maneuvering of vehicles in congested areas; and performs unskilled labor of a manual nature (as differentiated from skilled or mechanical work normally associated with the skilled trades) that does not conflict with local labor practice. They may also be required to check vehicles for operating condition (such as need for water, oil, gas, and air).

An employee allocated to this class of work is responsible for planning, directing, and organizing the work of labor crews of varying sizes. Assignments are received both orally and in writing. Work is performed under the general direction of an administrative superior and is reviewed through inspection while in progress and upon completion. Schedules and coordinates the work of a group or groups of skilled and/or unskilled laborers. Confers with appropriate administrative personnel concerning the assignment and scheduling of required manpower. Estimates manpower requirements and materials for various projects and work assignments. Maintains inventory of materials and equipment. Orders and issues replacement parts.  Prepares progress and other reports concerning the type of repairs made, materials used, and cost of completed work assignments.
Conducts daily maintenance and up keep of the land, and all the equipment owned or utilized by the University. Perform proper landscape maintenance such as; botanical gardens, shrub or tree removal and/or replacement. Perform turf maintenance and ensure all necessary areas are mowed and trimmed to provide a pleasant appearance. Assist in the maintenance of, all roads on and around University properties as directed, to include gravel asphalt and concrete work. Conducts snow plowing, shoveling, and salting of all parking lots and sidewalks on campus. Operate and maintain small equipment to include lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, leaf blowers and other equipment necessary to complete required tasks.
Employees at this level assign and control the performance of the labor crews. They work under general supervision from a designated foreman or supervisor. The sub-foreman typically: Assigns and controls the work, inspects work of assigned personnel and directs corrective measures to secure satisfactory performance and meet established standards, evaluates job assignments and prepares reports; determines and employs corrective measures to achieve and maintain satisfactory performance;  trains employees in established procedures, methods and techniques; and procures, distributes, and is responsible for security of operating supplies and equipment.