Recruitment and Selection

Time invested in thoughtfully planning the recruitment and selection process can make the difference between a good or poor hiring decision.

When replacing an individual in an existing position, take the opportunity to review the responsibilities, tasks and qualifications to ensure they are still relevant to the position. Work with the Office of Human Resources to review, revise or create a job description that is most appropriate for the position.

Overview of the Hiring Process

  1. Assessing the Role to Fill
  2. Request to Hire

    To initiate a search, the hiring manager must submit a hiring authorization for approval.  Hiring Authorizations are submitted through the PeopleAdmin system, accessible through Cougar Connect.

  3. Search Committee and Interview Panel

    Certain administrative positions require the use of a search committee. For other searches, a formal search committee is optional, however a diverse (background, gender and ethnicity) interview panel is strongly recommended. The University has established.

  4. Applicant Review and Interviewing
  5. Making Hiring Decision

    Hiring managers evaluate candidates using many different tools - resume review, phone interview, in-person meetings, and formal or informal reference checks. As the hiring manager, your job is not to figure the person out; It is not to find out what makes the person tick; It is not to get in the person's head….. It is to predict success, you need to determine how the person will handle the tasks and situations they will face on the job. Hiring managers must make their Recommendation for Hire through the PeopleAdmin system.

  6. Reference Checks

    Completing reference checks is a critical part of the selection process. During an interview the applicant portrays the image that they wish you to see and shares information that they wish you to know, so the information you have received in an interview is often biased. A thorough reference check may produce additional information to help insure that the most suitable candidate is hired.

  7. On-boarding your New Employee

    Manager's Guide to On-boarding