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2021 - 2022
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Chicago State University Curriculum Coordinating Committee (UCCC)

I.  Purpose of the Committee

  1. The purpose of the committee shall be to provide a recommendation to the appropriate University official regarding the addition, deletion or modification of any academic degree program requirements with regard to traditional, online and off-campus programs offered by the University. These include major and minor degree programs, certificates, options, and concentrations as well as the primary review for any existing degree programs that may choose to offer additional off-campus or online degrees that will be subject to re-review as a result. The committee also reviews the minutes of the College Curriculum Committees, monitors new course proposals, reviews and approves any policy or procedure changes to the university’s curriculum or assessment as recommended by the General Education Committee (GEC), the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC), and any other body responsible for university curricular issues and forwards these to the Office of Academic Affairs, the Faculty Senate and any other appropriate body as needed.
  2. The committee also monitors any curricular conflicts that may arise between academic programs and is responsible for making recommendations to the appropriate Chair, Dean, or Academic Vice President regarding possible solutions to resolve such
  3. The Chair of the UCCC is the final signatory for the will of the committee on all Routing Forms submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for curricular changes and/or modifications to academic major or minor degree programs, options, minors, and certificate programs.

II. Committee Membership

  1. The committee shall be composed of thirteen (13) members each of whom is appointed by the Dean of their respective college in consultation with the UCCC Chair (and subject to ratification by the Faculty Senate) from among the full-time Unit A tenured and tenure track faculty. Six (6) members shall come from the College of Arts and Sciences and one member shall be appointed from the College of Business, Health Science, Education, Pharmacy, and the Library with an additional member from the Graduate Council and a final member-at-large appointed by the Faculty Senate to ensure that at least one member of the committee is a Senator. The Provost, Assistant Provost for Curriculum, and previous UCCC Chairs in residence are ex officio Two years from the date of this document, the membership clause of these Bylaws shall be reviewed, and subsequently every two years thereafter.
  2. Members shall serve for a term of three (3) years with approximately one-third of the membership eligible for re-appointment each year according to an election rotation attached to this document. Members may be reappointed to successive terms. The committee chair shall distribute a membership list and statement of the terms of office at the first meeting of every academic year to each of the members with a copy sent to the Faculty Senate Rules and Operations Committee (ROC). All new members shall be seated on the committee upon the affirmative recommendation of UCCC Chair, consultation with the Dean of the members’ respective College, and formal recommendation of the Faculty Senate.

III.  Officers

  1. The committee shall elect a Chairperson and Secretary from the members present at the first meeting of the academic year. The Chair and Secretary shall be the officers of the committee elected to a one-year term.
  2. In the event of an anticipated absence of the Chairperson, the Secretary shall conduct the meeting. In the absence of both officers, the Chair shall designate a temporary replacement from among the voting members of the committee as needed.
  3. At the start of the Fall term, the previous Chair shall convene the first meeting of the year in the absence of any other official business to elect new officers.

IV.  Committee Meetings

  1. The committee shall meet on the fourth or final Thursday of every month and on an ad hoc basis as The committee shall have no fewer than one meeting per semester of each academic term to ensure the continuity of the deliberative processes of the committee. If convenient, additional meetings shall be held periodically to maintain cohesion among the members and to avoid hasty convocation under adverse circumstances.
  2. For all academic departments intending to have their approved program modifications included in the Fall catalog, all original curriculum forms and supporting materials must be submitted by the March UCCC meeting for approval.
  3. The committee shall review information provided by the Office of Academic Affairs consistent with its purpose as described above regarding the addition, deletion or modification of any academic major or minor degree programs, options, minors, and certificates offered by the University. The committee shall review the minutes of the College Curriculum Committees as needed, monitor new course proposals for conflicts between colleges, review and approve any policy or procedural changes recommended by the General Education Committee (GEC), the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC), and any other body responsible for university curriculum and shall forward this recommendation to the Office of Academic Affairs and/or the Faculty Senate as needed or as required. No item of business before the committee shall be addressed without a representative from the affected department(s) being present. It shall be the practice of the committee to consider curriculum requests only with the Chair of the department present and from the department where the action originated.
  4. A quorum for a meeting shall consist of a simple majority of committee members (7). For the purposes of obtaining a quorum, only appointed faculty members on the committee shall be counted; ex officio members shall not be counted.
  5. The Chair shall have a vote regarding committee business only in the event of a
  6. The conduct of business at meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order,

V. Committee Reporting Function

  1. The Chairperson shall submit a recommendation regarding the addition, deletion or modification of any academic degree programs, new course proposals, and any academic policy or procedural changes regarding the curriculum to the Office of Academic Affairs and/or to the Faculty Senate as needed or as required.
  2. The Chairperson shall be authorized on behalf of the committee to sign the Routing Forms from the Office of Academic Affairs where such signature is required based upon a majority vote of the committee.
  3. The Chairperson shall be required to complete and submit an annual report regarding the committee’s activities at the conclusion of the academic year to the Faculty Senate and the Office of Academic Affairs.

VI. Bylaw Revision

These Bylaws shall be subject to revision with the consent of a simple majority of the members present at a meeting specifically called for such a purpose. Final revision to these Bylaws will require the consent of a two-third’s majority of the members present at a meeting specifically called for the purpose of revision. These Bylaws also replace and supersede any previously existing UCCC Bylaws that may arise.

TERM 2020-2023

  • June Price Shingles (UGC)
  • Leslie Baker-Kimmons (CAS)
  • Andrea Van Duzor (CAS)
  • At large (Senate could add a person)

TERM 2021-2024

  • Kamesha Kahn (CAS)
  • Regina Smith (HSC)
  • Nancy Grim (COE), UCCC Chair
  • Eddy Gaytan (CAS)
  • Khalid Alsamara (COB)

TERM 2022-2025

  • Jan-Jo Chen (CAS)
  • TBD (CAS)
  • Rosalind Fielder (LIB)
The UCCC meets the final Thursday of each month during the academic year with the exception of November when UCCC meets the first Thursday of December. All actions submitted for review should be available to the chair of UCCC via adobe sign at least one week before each meeting.


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