Contract Administration

Dr. Bernard Rowan

Bernard Rowan

Associate Provost, Contract Administration

(773) 995-2439

Mission Statement

The Office of Contract Administration supports faculty and administrators in promoting an atmosphere in which students from diverse backgrounds can develop in a positive, rigorous and competitive educational environment. APCA promotes actions that foster faculty, departments and colleges to enhance intellectual development, program growth and the University’s mission of teaching, research, service and community development including social justice, leadership and entrepreneurship.


The Office of Contract Administration

  1. Provides guidance to the University in its interpretation and implementation of the tenets of the CSU/University Professionals of Illinois Faculty Contract
  2. Provides expertise, direction, and support to administrators and faculty throughout all academic personnel actions
  3. Provides leadership in the development of policies, strategies, operations and management to support the Office of the Provost
  4. Provides leadership and guidance in the grievance process
  5. Monitors and shepherds the assignment of workloads, course schedules and overrides
  6. Supports activities germane to the operation of the Division of Academic Affairs for the academic and personal growth of the academic employees as they support the education of students at the University.


pdf Contract Administration Organization Chart

pdf Faculty Handbook

pdf Policy on Hiring of CSU Graduates


University Timetable for Personnel Decisions
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