College of Health Sciences College Curriculum Committee


The College of Health Sciences at CSU educates a caring and competent, non-traditional student body, many of whom are underrepresented in the healthcare professions. Through innovative teaching strategies and interdisciplinary educational experiences, we empower our graduates to be critical thinkers, life-long learners, advocates for reducing health disparities, and providers of quality health care services.


The College of Health Sciences at CSU strives to be recognized as a national leader in interdisciplinary healthcare education and excellence in teaching, research and service. We strive to inspire and prepare our students to seek and create innovative healthcare opportunities locally, nationally and globally.


  • Be responsible for studying, accepting, or returning for revision all proposals submitted by College of Health Sciences’ Departmental Curriculum Committees for establishing new courses, programs, or curricula; for deleting or substituting courses; and for changing existing courses, programs, or curricula.
  • Ensure that assessment tools and procedures are in place to support the achievement of learning outcomes and that results are reported to demonstrate progress towards the achievement of these outcomes.
  • Submit all proposals involving the general education program and new programs to the University’s Curriculum Committee with its recommendations.
  • Have power to initiate curricular proposals.
  • Establish standards and process for curricular oversight for all health sciences courses and other college-wide curricular requirements.
  • Have final authority for the substitution, alteration, addition, or deletion of courses other than those involving the general education program. The Committee shall report final recommendations to the Dean of the College of Health Sciences, the University’s Curriculum Committee and the Office of the Provost for final approval.

Committee Members

Members are nominated by their respective department, during a regularly scheduled departmental meeting and upon their acceptance are voted on by all tenured/tenure-track & fulltime temporary faculty members in attendance.  The composition of the committee is as follows: 

  • Four (4) elected faculty, one (1) member from each of the respective disciplines which are Health Information Administration, Nursing, Occupational Health, Public Health; all with equal speaking and voting privileges.
  • The Chair of the committee is voted on by its members and will vote only to break ties. In the absence of the Chair, the faculty assistant chair/secretary will chair the committee meeting. 

Membership 2022 – 2023  

  • Dr. Yashika Watkins - Chair (Public Health)
  • Dr. Stephanie Zuba-Bates (Occupational Therapy)
  • Charita Barlow-Wells
  • Professor Mary Bowman (HIA)  (Nursing)

Meeting Schedule Frequency

Meetings are to be held at least once a semester, however, special meetings may be held, if required, to respond to necessary issues.