Recess Grant


Ms. Kelli Simmons
Program Coordinator

Ms. Nyisha Redd

Recruitment Specialist

Mr. Kawaun Moore

Sophomore Academy - Academic Advisor/Coach

Mr. Lee Roundtree

Sophomore Academy - Academic Advisor/Coach

Ms. Breshae Stovall

Office Support Specialist                                                                   


What is the Recess-HP Grant?

RECESS-HP (Resiliency and Capacity Expansion for Student Success in Health Professions) is a multi-year grant designed to strengthen the success of Health Sciences by creating supporting enrollment and recruitment initiatives, providing early involvement and engagement to high school students, expanding remote and hybrid learning for all students, improving awareness of health sciences programs and careers to all students while improving educational outcomes for African American Males.  Contact Ms. Kelli Simmons at

High School and Community Outreach for Health Sciences

Help your students explore careers in Health Science.  The recruitment Specialist will facilitate a classroom visit for your students about CSU's Health Science Programs, and provide information about the Health Professions Explorers Summer Camp.  Our Recruitment Specialist is also available to participate in career fairs, college events, community fairs and open house events.  Contact Ms. Redd at

Health Professions Explorers Summer Camp

The mission of the Health Professions Explorers Camp is to provide early engagement with promising students who are interested in health professions. Through hands-on laboratory investigations and creative project-based learning activities, students will be introduced to health scenarios that mimic real-life emergencies and problems. They will learn how various health careers play a role in holistic health. Students will connect with professionals working in healthcare and explore the vast career paths which may help them decide if healthcare is for them. The Health Professions Explorers Camp will provide a fun and engaging environment for students to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a health professional. Enrollment opens yearly in March. Enrollment is capped at 40 students.

Sophomore Academy - Grow with us.

Continuing as a sophomore is a great accomplishment. Now is the time to target your aspirations and focus on careers that excite you. Sophomore Academy will help you to explore the connection between education, career planning, and life goals. Our services are open to all first and second-semester sophomores.

Sophomore Academy Benefits

  • All majors
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Career exploration
  • Meet professionals in your field of interest
  • Assistance with professional program applications
  • Preparation for internships
  • Celebrations of accomplishments


Contact Mr. Kawaun Moore or Mr. Lee Roundtree to schedule a coaching appointment.                    

(773) 995-3915                                        

(773) 995-3846                           


Health Industry Talks

Health Industry Talks provide unique opportunities for students to have meaningful conversations with professionals in their field of interest.  The talks are designed to inspire students in our professional programs and pre-health students, also to ignite the interest of our undecided students.

Learning Assistants/Tutors

Our office works with the Learning Assistant Program to help secure Health Sciences/Pre-Med/STEM majors to serve as Learning Assistants (LA) to support our Pre-Health and Health Sciences courses. 

Learning Assistants (LA) are undergraduate students who work under the guidance of course instructors to facilitate learning and discussion in the classroom to encourage student engagement. Learning Assistants also gain the following experience:

  • Pedagogy training via a special course
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Support faculty by providing additional in-class learning /technical assistance
  • Gain experience in classroom facilitation, tutoring, and technical
  • Help other students understand and apply challenging STEM concepts
  • Gain soft and technical skills in the STEM learning process


The CSU LA Program is part of the International LA Alliance. If you are interested in being a Learning Assistant, apply today!

  • Be a leader
  • Help other students
  • Enhance your resume
  • Revisit your content understanding
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Support innovation instruction