College of Pharmacy Curriculum Committee


Offering a curriculum that cultivates analytic thinking, ethical reasoning and decision-making, intellectual curiosity, multidisciplinary and inter-professional collaboration, professionalism and service.

Bylaws/Operating Rules

This committee will be composed of up to thirteen members; three members of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences; three members of the Department of Pharmacy Practice; the Director of Experiential Education; four student representatives, one from each professional class; and one member representing the adjunct (preceptor) faculty. A representative of the Office of the Dean will serve ex officio. The Curriculum Committee will be charged with the:

  1. evaluation of the curriculum;
  2. approval of program changes requested by either department, which will result in a greater or lesser number of course contact hours, departure from the existing method of instruction, or a departure in content, requiring the involvement of faculty from outside of the college;
  3. monitoring of elective courses offered in the curriculum, ensuring both quality and academic integrity in these areas;
  4. development of long-range educational goals and curricular content in the educational programs; and
  5. continuous evaluation of applicable evidence on performance and quality of the educational programs offered by the departments, marking recommendations for additions, modifications, or elimination of specific programs or courses as a whole, as justified.

The Committee will meet on a regular basis and submit reports summarizing its actions and recommendations to the general faculty for action.

Meeting Schedule/Frequency

Twice per semester/or as needed.

Agendae of Meetings

Ensure the continued development of core and elective courses is in keeping with the College competencies.  Oversee and continue the curriculum mapping process. Work with and use the information form the Assessment Committee to evaluate strengths and possible changes in the curriculum and Self-Study Committee to prepare for ACPE accreditation activities.

Minutes of Meetings

Are taken by one of the Committee members and voted upon for approval and kept in files.