Visiting Scholar/Researcher Guidelines

Chicago State University (CSU) recognizes that individuals from other universities, institutions, and businesses may wish to visit the University for extended periods for reasons including, but not limited to, conducting research or intellectual work, collaborating with the University's faculty or administrators on specific projects, and observing University faculty research or teaching.

This procedure applies to CSU faculty, staff, departments, colleges, and units. The visiting scholar/researcher does not carry any official employment status with the University and must have formal University sponsors. This procedure aims to set forth guidelines and processes for obtaining approval for and registering the visiting scholars/researchers. It is crucial that the University maintains a record of such visitors and review documentation or agreements to protect its interests.

International visitors must obtain a visa appropriate for the proposed activities at CSU. The visitor and the sponsor should contact CSU's Global Engagement Office to make the necessary arrangements.

Visiting Scholars/Researchers must follow the steps below to ensure compliance with the University's Policy.

Step 1: The Visiting Scholar/Researcher engaged in research are identified by the CSU Sponsor.

Step 2: CSU sponsor requests Visitor Scholar/Researcher to complete the Visitor Information Package (with Visitor's signatures, CSU Faculty sponsor, Department Head, College Dean, and the Associate Provost for Research) and sends it to Academic Affairs.

PDF Icon Visitor Scholar/Researcher Information Packet

Step 3: CSU sponsor requests to complete the Visiting Scholar/Researcher Agreement (with signatures of Visitor and the Department Head) and sends it to Academic Affairs.

PDF Icon Visiting Scholar/Researcher Agreement

Step 4: The Department Head reviews that the all the steps have been completed and communicates the sponsor that and the Visiting Scholar/Researcher that the activities at CSU can start.

Questions about the policy and procedures should be directed to the Office of the Provost.