Drop Non-Payment

Verified Payment Source must be in place by Monday, August 2nd or you will be dropped! 

If you don't follow through on the Verified Payment Source selection you made at the time of registration by the final deadline you will be dropped for non-payment which results in cancellation of your class schedule. The registration process is not complete until you have followed through on the Verified Payment Source selection you made. The university may drop you from your courses on or after the drop date deadline if you owe a balance to the university. A $100 late registration fee will be charged to re-enroll in any dropped courses after the first day of the term.

Chicago State University may withhold transcripts, grades and other services, and cancel meal plans and housing if you do not pay your financial obligations. If the university takes such action, you will still be responsible for your balance in full. Registration may be withheld from any student who is delinquent in paying any amount due to the university and a financial hold will be placed on your account.