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Bankmobile Phone AppWe partnered with BankMobile to deliver a direct deposit of your financial aid refund. For more information


Q & A

When you are a new student, you need to make a selection. Once you made your selection, you need not take further steps unless your bank account information has been updated or your choice for retreieving refund.

Log into

Cougar connect

Click On:

  1. My Info tab
  2. Make Payment/ Refund Selection
  3. Enter your Cougar Connect user and password again
  4. tab furthest to your right named "eRefund"
  5. BankMobile
  6. Continue to make your refund selection
No. When you log in the payment plan tab will be the first tab you will see. Simply click the tab furthest to your right named "eRefund" and continue with your selection.
Your book voucher will be sent as the same selection that was made for your refund. “To view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank, click here.”