Financial Aid Process

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The financial aid process can be confusing, and it can vary somewhat from school to school. We hope the information provided in the links below will help alleviate any confusion you may experience and assist you in completing the financial aid process at Chicago State University.

Return of Title IV Funds - All students who withdraw from CSU are subject to the Title IV Return of Funds policy. During the first 60% of the enrollment period, a student earns Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time he/she is enrolled. The percentage of aid earned is determined by the date the student initiates the withdraws, the total number of calendar days in the enrollment period, and the calendar days the student completed during the period of enrollment.

Post-Withdrawal Disbursement Policy - In general Universities may not disburse a Stafford or Plus loan to a student who has ceased to be enrolled – the student is no longer eligible. In some circumstances, however, a student who has withdrawn from CSU may be eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement of all or some portion of a Stafford or Plus loan.

Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver - If you are age 65, or over, you may be eligible for free tuition. For more information please access our Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver web page

Unusual Enrollment History - The U.S. Department of Education has established new regulations to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Pell Grant Program by identifying students with unusual enrollment histories. 

Fact Sheet (pdf) - A quick reference to the financial assistance process and programs available at CSU.

Student Aid on the Web - A U.S. Department of Education web site providing expanded information about the financial aid process.

TEACH Grant- Current and prospective teachers may qualify for the Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program. In order to be eligible for the TEACH Grant, student's must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25. Students with incomplete grades (I) are not eligible for the TEACH Grant. Candidates may monitor award status via CSU X-Press.

Tuition and Fee Waivers - A limited number of waivers, which pay for tuition and some fees, are available to eligible students through the Tuition and Fee Waiver Program. These awards are for students in degree programs and also are a part of the university employee benefits package. The number of awards and dollar amount varies each year based upon the release of appropriated funds by the State of Illinois, budgetary limits approved by the Board of Trustees, and program need. Students and employees apply for these waivers each academic term based upon a variety of criteria. For more information please access the Tuition and Fee Waiver Handbook.
Federal Perkins Loan Program- Due to lack of Congressional and Executive branch action, the Federal Perkins Loan program has expired. NO PERKINS LOANS CAN BE MADE AT THIS TIME. Both branches of the Federal government are presently considering reinstatement of the Perkins Loan program. Should such action be taken, it will be announced on this web site.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) website - Comprehensive information concerning State of Illinois and Federal funding resources
FinAid - The "SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid". A comprehensive financial aid web site

Title IV Financial Aid Funds Authorization - Federal regulations require that colleges and universities apply your Title IV Federal financial aid funds (Direct Loans, PLUS Loans, Pell, SEOG, TEACH Grants, etc.) first to "institutional charges", which are tuition, mandatory fees, contracted University room and board fees, etc. In order to apply any remaining Title IV funds to non-institutional (miscellaneous) charges including, but not limited to book vouchers and health insurance fee, etc., CSU is required to obtain your authorization. For further information please visit the Bursar's Office Title IV Financial Aid Funds Authorization web page.

Referral of Fraud Cases - If you suspect that a student, employee, or other individual has misreported information or altered documentation to fraudulently obtain federal funds, you should report your suspicions and provide any evidence to the Office of Inspector General. Contact the Chicago, Illinois regional office at (312) 730-1630. To submit a complaint online at any time, go here.


Not sure what everyone is talking about? Refer to these extensive lists of financial aid terms .

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