2010 Calumet Summit

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Opening Sessions

A Call to Connect: Setting the Context, Mark Bouman, Chicago State University, April 2010

A Call to Connect: Calumet Challenges, Nicole Kamins, Program Director, Calumet initiative, Chicago Dept. of Environment, April 2010

Benefits of a Regional Approach:The Northwest Indiana Portion of the Calumet Region, Mark Reshkin, Emeritus Professor, Indiana University Northwest, April 2010

Connecting Places To Places

Trail Connections In The Calumet Region, Diane Banta, US National Park Service, April 2010

Regional Watershed Planning, Joe Exl, Senior Water Resource Planner, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, April 2010

Disconnecting Places: Asian Carp And Other Aquatic Invasive Species Of Concern For The Calumet Region, Rueben Keller, University of Chicago, April 2010

Moraine Forest Parcel ID Project, Kris Krouse, Shirley Heinze Land Trust, April 2010

Connecting People To People

Building Educational Collaborations In Northwest Indiana Through GLISTEN (Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network), Erin Argyilan, April 2010

Leave No Child Inside: A Regional Initiative To Reconnect Children And Nature, Emilian Geczi, Chicago Wilderness, April 2010

Connecting Ecological Restoration To Industry: Calumet Region, Daniel Goldfarb, Wildlife Habitat Council, NW Indiana / SE Chicago Office, April 2010

Engaging Chicago’s Diverse Communities In The Chicago Climate Action Plan: South Chicago, Jennifer Hirsch, Chicago Dept. of Environment, April 2010

Linking Ecology And Economy Through The Ecosystem Services Approach In The Calumet Region, Sabina L. Shaikh, University of Chicago Program On The Global Environment, April 2010

Calumet Stewardship Initiative:Environmental Education Partnerships in Calumet, Kirk Anne Taylor, Urban Conservation Manager, The Field Museum, April 2010

Connecting Research To Action

Tracking the Trajectories: An Overview of The Northwest Indiana Restoration Monitoring Inventory (NIRMI), Peter Avis, Department of Biology, Indiana University Northwest, April 2010

Linking Science To Restoration, Steve Barker, Restoration Ecologist, JFNew, April 2010

Climate Change Update to the Chicago WildernessBiodiversity Recovery Plan: What Does It Mean To The Calumet Regions?, Abigal Derby-Lewis, The Filed Museum, April 2010

Plants Of Powderhorn And The Vegetation Of The Calumet Region, Dennis Nyberg, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, April 2010

Assessing The Potential For Endocrine Disruption In Urbanized Aquatic Environments: Study Design, Findings And Impacts For The Calumet Region, Heiko L. Schoenfuss, Tom Minarik, Dalma Martinovic, Melissa Schultz, April 2010

Connecting Past To Future

The Grand Calumet River Area of Concern (AOC): Connecting Past, Present, and Future, Danielle Barnett and John Fekete, Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (IDEM), April 2010

The Marquette Vision, April 2010

Building The Midwest Rail And Wind Sysytem In Calumet Using Green Building And Land Development Techniques, Reggie Greenwood, South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, April 2010

From The Marquette Vision To The Marquette Reality: A Bold New Vision For The Northwest Indiana Lakefront, Leigh Morris and Kathie Brown, Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority, April 2010

Calumet Area Regional Planning, John A. Swanson, Executive Director, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, April 2010

Social Media Round table

The Burnham Centennial: Connecting People To Places In An Age Of Social Media, Emily Harris, April 2010

LakeNet: Connecting Communities In Northwest Indiana, Lynn Jackson, April 2010

Closing Remarks

Lessons Learned, Daniel Lowery, April 2010

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