Calumet Nature Educators Database

The Calumet Nature Educators Database links two important lists.  The first is a list of nature education providers in the Calumet region of Illinois and Indiana at the southern end of Lake Michigan.  The second is a comprehensive list of the region’s schools.  The two lists are cross-referenced and mapped in order to answer crucial questions about nature education in the region.

The database contains twelve maps and a table with three spreadsheets.  All have been rendered in .pdf format.  To open them, the user will need to have a recent version of Adobe Reader.  This may be downloaded at One may then use Adobe Reader’s tools to print, save, and search the document.  The maps and technical appendix are included in this file.  The table is a separate document.  They include:

Calumet Nature Educators Database Report (Final), Mark Bouman, Chicago State University, October 2008 (1.09 MB)