Education Awards, 2023-2024


Departmental Named Awards

Departmental Named Awards are special awards created by departments to recognize students' specific achievements. Each award has its own criteria and significance, as explained below, and students are chosen by departmental faculty.

Alice Smith Memorial Award

Alice Smith, a Chicago Teachers College alumna, a Charter Alumni Board Member and a Chicago Board of Education Physical Education Supervisor, established this award to honor undergraduate majors in Health, Physical Education and Recreation who have demonstrated excellence in their field experience and promise in future research and practice. The student will receive $100 dollars.

Efrain Rivas


Lottie C. Patarini Award

The Lottie C. Patarini Award in the amount of $100 is presented to an undergraduate major in
the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation for scholastic achievement and
leadership potential.

Joshua Ceniceros
Emanuel Patterson



Departmental Honor & Merit Awards
Departmental Merit and Honors Awards are presented to undergraduate students chosen by each department in recognition of the students’ high academic achievement in their particular disciplines. Departments with graduate programs may also present graduate awards to graduate students chosen by the department in recognition of the students’ high academic achievement in their particular fields.

Certificate of Honor
Alejandrina Dominguez Arzola

Graduate Awards

Fouzia Oubel
Hanady Suleiman
Reem Suleiman

Certificate of Honor

Shokia Harrison

Certificate of Merit

Nevaeh Haywood

Zhania Jackson

Graduate Awards

Heather Clemons

Marika Senegal


Certificate of Honor

Yusef Walton

Certificate of Merit

Malani Hughes

Latoya Lewis

Graduate Awards:
Charlene Fox
Michelle Mantel
Wenting Wang

Graduate Awards

Marquita Gill

Kemi Robbin

Certificate of Honor

Emanuel Patterson

Certificate of Merit

Brandon Egan

Jamal Ibrahim

Brian Jasien

Graduate Awards

Jodi Klyn

Certificate of Honor

Natasha Thomas

Certificate of Merit

Jahsean H. Corbett

Kimberly D. Peralta

Carter Soczek

Certificate of Honor

Sarah Ramirez

Graduate Awards

Kennedy Castro

Terrance Parks

Graduate Awards

Robert Carr

Alethia Collins

Graciela Correa