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StudentsChicago State University College of Education is one of the oldest professional schools in Illinois. The College of Education develops educators to bring vision and leadership to the teaching and learning processes in creative and diverse environments. 

The College of Education at Chicago State University has a variety of academic degrees in education fields. Our faculty are dedicated to developing tomorrow's educators.




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Nancy Grim
Interim Chairperson, Department of Education Studies

Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Level Education, English as Second Language / Bilingual Education, Secondary Education, PreK-12 and K-12 Education

ED 318 | (773) 995-2097

Jacquelyn Benchik-Osborne

Faculty Advisor, Department of Education Studies

Elementary Education Program

ED 318 | (773) 995-2006

Chrystal Fountain

Early Childhood and Elementary Education - First Year Students and Transfer Students to 60 Credits

EdD in Educational Leadership

ED 111 | (773) 995-5018

Florah Luseno
Chairperson, Department of Advanced Studies in Education

Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education, Principal Preparation, Higher Education Administration, Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership

ED 319 | (773) 995-2086

Athanase Gahungu

Faculty Advisor, Department of Advanced Studies in Education

Principal Preparation Program

ED 237 | (773) 995-2009

Olanipekun Laosebikan

Faculty Advisor, Department of Advanced Studies in Education

Higher Education Administration Program

ED 226 | (773) 821-2832

Mark Kutame
Chairperson, Department of Health Education, Physical Education & Recreation

Physical Education and Recreation Programs

JDC 216 | (773) 995-3650

Sarah Buck

Faculty Advisor, Department of Health Education, Physical Education & Recreation

Physical Education (Graduate)

JDC 220 | (773) 995-3651

June Price Shingles

Faculty Advisor, Department of Health Education, Physical Education & Recreation


JDC 223 | (773) 995-3779

Ms. Barbara Belisle

Licensure Officer

ED 203  | (773) 995-2492

Larnell Flannagan, PhD

Interim Dean | (773) 995-3988

Future Educators

The Future Educators Association (FEA), a member of the PDK International family of associations, is an international student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers. Founded in 1937, FEA has helped thousands of students develop the skills and strong leadership traits that are found in high-quality educators over the past 75 years.

By staying true to its mission while incorporating the latest in technology and education research, FEA continues to help:

  • Attract exemplary future educators and begin averting teacher shortages at a local level, particularly within the areas of math, science, and special education
  • Encourage students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds to enter the education profession
  • Elevate the image of teaching and promote it as a challenging and rewarding career

FEA is significantly contributing to the development of the next generation of great educators, and you can be a part of it.

The mission of the Future Educators Association, Chicago State University (CSU) Chapter, is to foster the development of the most highly qualified and accomplished educators for today’s learners. The organization will do this by supporting, challenging, and encouraging each and every one who demonstrates an expressed interest in education profession. The organization will also strive to represent the broad interest of educational practitioners and will reach beyond the borders of its membership into the CSU faculty, staff, alumni, and community to support the mission.

Benefits of CSU FEA Membership

  • Leadership Skills Development, Training, Speakers, Committee Positions Develop High School Chapters
  •  Networking Opportunities: Community Service, Volunteering, Access Employment Opportunities
  • Financial Opportunities: Scholarships, Stipends, Information on Financial Aid
  • Organizational Leadership Opportunities: CSU-FEA Executive Board and Committee Positions
  • Go Teach, the official FEA magazine published 4 times per year
  • The FEA national conference, where you can participate in competitions and win scholarships
  • Prospective Educator Scholarships, sponsored by PDK International
  • The FEA Honor Society, which is an opportunity to be recognized for your academic achievements
  • Eligibility to run for a position as an FEA national student officer

Safety FirstSafety Module

The Illinois legislature requires that the curriculum at all State universities contain instruction in safety education for teachers and other education professionals.

Chicago State University and the College of Education has chosen to have teacher candidates fulfill this requirement via the following web-based tool. The content in the Safety Module is intended to encourage teacher candidates to think about safety.

Our mission as an organization is to perform service to the community on and off campus, perform service to professional organizations such as IAPHERD, AAPHERD, IPRA, NRPA, NTRS, and NIRSA, contribute to and foster professional interaction and growth among the membership, and serve as a social organization for Physical Education and Recreation majors.

Professional Development Opportunities

We promote and strongly encourage our members to meet practitioners and enhance their network through volunteer opportunities that we provide and attending professional conferences as well. We also encourage our members to become involved in professional organizations.

Social Gatherings

Our members establish team building by hosting events and collaborating with other organizations. We have had game night, hosted a speed dating event, competitive basketball games, and collaborated with a new fraternity with a masquerade ball.

If you are interested in joining PERC, you may contact:

Angela Johnson at or

Marquis Hall at or

Dr. Sarah Buck, faculty co-advisor, at


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