Secondary Education Licensure

Thank you for your interest in Chicago State University's (CSU) Secondary Education Educator Licensure Programs.  We are pleased that you are considering continuing your studies with us.   Our programs are fully accredited by ISBE, NCATE and respective program SPAs.  Our programs give hands on experience in a small class setting.  We also offer program specific advising and a licensure counselor is available to answer your questions about licensure and endorsements.  Our research based program provides you with the tools to expand your skills in your chosen profession.

If you are seeking a bachelor degree with teaching license, please contact University Admissions at (773) 995-2513 or visit admissions.


In line with the vision of teacher education in the College of Education, it is the mission of Secondary Education program to prepare candidates to be highly qualified professionals, accountable to their learners and communities, possess the depth and breadth of knowledge to impact student learning, and the knowledge, skills, and dispositions as exemplified in the College of Education Conceptual Framework.

  1. Prepare the candidate with the skills, knowledge and dispositions for working with learning communities.
  2. Provide candidates with the skills and abilities to be effective planners, instruction delivers, and managers of learning communities
  3. Prepare candidates to utilize a reflective cycle of teaching to inform planning, instructional and professional decisions that impact student learning.
  4. Prepare candidates to integrate contemporary research based theory and practice. 
  1. Score at or above the state average on the specific content area exam and pass edTPA on the first attempt.
  2. Display professional dispositions necessary to be reflective and analytical professionals.
  3. Develop standards based curricula for their learners including web –enhanced modules and assessments aligned with state and national standards.
  4. Exhibit verbal and non-verbal communication skills while working with learners of diverse backgrounds and learning styles.
  5. Score at acceptable or target level on unit plans and lesson plans during their final culminating experiences.
  6. Apply research on teaching and learning.
  7. Use authentic assessments in teaching and in communication of results.

Options for Post Baccalaureate Secondary Education Licensure.

  1. Licensure only (non-degree) - receive an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) endorsed in the teaching/content area without gaining an additional degree
  2. Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) – receive an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) endorsed in the teaching/content area with a Masters of Arts in Teaching Degree in Secondary Education

Secondary Licensure Programs

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) 
  • English/Language Arts
  • Social Sciences (Geography or History) 
  • Mathematics 

 K-12 Licensure Programs

  • Visual Arts
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education 
  • Foreign Language:  Spanish  

All post baccalaureate educator licensure programs require the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), recent Illinois Certification Test of Basic Skills (ICTBS) or accepted ISBE alternative test for program admission.  For more information regarding testing requirements please contact Ms. Barbara Belisle, Interim Assistant to the Dean for Licensure & Accreditation, at or visit the ISBE testing website.

If you are already a licensed educator and would like to work on endorsements, please feel free to contact the Ms.Barbara Belisle, Interim Assistant to the Dean for Licensure & Accreditation, at or (773) 995-2492.

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