Desktop Telephone Features

To facilitate our users to conduct Chicago State University’s business, the Office of Telecommunications offers the following features on its telephones.

Single line (M8009) in most buildings and offices

  •       Last Number Redial
  •       Stored Number Redial
  •       Six manual programmable auto-dial keys – speed dial
  •       Consultation hold
  •       Call waiting
  •       Call forward
  •       Call transfer
  •       Call pickup
  •       Message waiting LED
  •       Conference calls – up to six participants

Single line IP phones – i1110 (in Library and JCC only) – all the features above plus

  •       Mute
  •       Caller ID
  •       Date/time display
  •       Ring again
  •       Feature buttons

Multiline phones i1120 (in Library & JCC only), M2616 and M3904 – all the features above plus

  •       Multiple extensions and line appearances
  •       Speaker phone
  •       Intercom calling
  •       Group call