System and Quality Assurance

The primary purpose of Chicago State University's information technology resources is to enhance and support the educational mission of the University.

Access to the University's technology resources is a privilege granted to University students, faculty, staff, and approved guests. These resources include hardware, software, computer accounts, local area networks as well as connections to other computer networks via the Internet.

Everyone using these resources is responsible for using them in an effective, ethical and lawful manner. Chicago State University's Information Technology Division provides a base of information technology support for the education, research, administration, service, and outreach efforts of the entire University community.

  • Data Files, program libraries, and utilities are protected by passwords and other means.
  • Passwords are changed periodically.
  • Utility programs with data files or program altering capabilities are adequately controlled.
  • Written procedures that cover the acceptance and cataloging of production programs are in place and up-to-date
  • . All object code production programs are generated from the most current source code versions.
  • All obsolete or unused programs are deleted from current production libraries.
  • Controls and Security relating to data files and program libraries are periodically reviewed and updated by ITD management.
  • Proper information is made available to all concerned about any hardware or software changes.
  • A procedure is maintained to provide information relative to the hardware and software configuration of the backup site.
  • An anti-virus protection program is installed and updated on a regular basis on all servers and microcomputers.
  • Upon the retirement/suspension/termination of an employee:
  1. Employee accounts are disabled.
  2. Passwords that the employee had access to are changed.
  3. All keys are returned to the proper authorities.
  • All servers, network equipment and other data communication support equipment are connected to uninterruptible power supplies to guard against power surges, pikes and outages.