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Was held on Juen 16, 2023, see our events page for pictures.
The differences between Civil Service and Staff were adressed.
There is still much usage of the old CSU logo, can people be reminded that they need to update their paperwork for HLC accreditation

The Civil Service Council should be more involved on Covid related issues.

Aleshia Terry &  Bobbie Stewart  were added on the COVID Response Team Committee?

Night classes were canceled in the past over password issues, can the help desk have night hours? 

Hours have been increased to:

Standard School Year 9am to 8pm
Finals 9am to 10pm
Summer 9am to 5pm

What is in place for individuals not in compliance with wearing their mask in the building, offices?

Durng the period fo returning to work the campus mask policies were enforced. A university email was sent out on Friday May 27, 2022.

Operating Budget for Civil Service Employees Council was approved.
Will the council be given notice for employees that were reclassified from Administrator’s to Civil Service?
We will have Town Hall meetings twice a year to hear employees concerns.

Have the water fountains been tested to be drinkable?

water Fountain

33 new filtered & refrigerated Elkay water fountains have been purchased and at least one has been installed in each building. The others will be installed over 2023, replacing all of the old water fountains that did not filter the water. 

We did some quick tests of the water coming out of the fountains and they passed the legal limit PPM (Particles Per Million) test. A budget has been submitted for  testing kits submitted to a 3rd party to test what exactly are those particles per million. This will speciiflaly test for traces of mercury, arsenic and smialar, to ensure the water is safe to drink.



In Progress

Is there a list for vacant positions across campus?
There is no women's locker room in the Physical Plant
Why have the cafeteria prices doubled?