Institutional Information

General Data For Use in Proposal Preparation

The following most commonly requested information is provided for purposes of completing cover sheet applications and for budgeting.  Contact  (OGRA) Office of Grants and Research Administrations Office  @ (773) 995-3598 for additional information.

Applicant Name CSU Board of Trustees
Authorized Institutional Representative to Sign Proposals, Certificates, and to accept Awards Zaldwaynaka Scott, President
Applicant’s Address And Telephone Number

Office of Grants & Research Administrations Office

9501 S. King Drive, Chicago Illinois 60628-1598

Phone (773) 995-3598

Fax (773) 995-2490)

Primary Contact

Office of Grants and Research Administration

Edmundo Garcia Solis, PhD,

Associate Provost of Grants & Research Adm 

Phone (773) 995-2325

Grants and Contracts Administrator

Angela Hopgood-Miller

Phone (773) 995-3599

Grants Compliance Administrator

Ditas Mesina Vidad

Phone (773) 821-2867

Chicago State University

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 
General Operating Budget (All Funds) Budget Summary
DUNS Number: 10-810-9182/     UEI: PJ66MZ7MFZ16 Federal Employer ID Number: 36-258-0815

Animal Welfare Assurance

Number: A3579-01

Federal Wide Assurance Number Human Subjects: 00002654 Illinois Department of Human Rights Number:118962-00
Illinois Representative District : 34 Illinois Senatorial District:17
Institutional Profile File (IPF): 1409801 NSF Submitting Institution Code: 0016949000
NAICS Code :  611310 IPEDS Code:  144005
CSU Audit Report A-133 Audit Report
 Enrollment Information - Electronic Fact Book Enrollment Information Fact
U.S. Congressional District:  IL- 01  

Facilities and Administrative/Indirect Cost Information

Applicant Name The Board of Trustee of Chicago State
Date of Most Recent Federal Indirect Cost Rate Agreement November 13, 2020
Federal Negotiated Indirect Cost Rates

Effective 07/01/2018, 48%; 26% off campus

Effective 07/01/2013, 46%; 26% off campus

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement >>

Cognizant Federal Agency Department of Health and Human Services
Effective Through 06/30/2021
Type of Federal Indirect Cost Agreement Modified Total Direct Costs, All Programs