Diploma Reorder Replacement of original diploma
Graduation Application Request for a degree audit
Supplemental Packet
Master of Business Administration Application Requirements & MBA Questions
POST-MSW (Endorsement)
Application Procedure and Required forms
International Academic Support
English Proficiency Waiver Application Request for waiver of English language test
Processing Programs
Affidavit for Undocumented To be eligible for resident tuition according to 110 IL CS 305/7e-5
Change of Program & Concentration  
Change of Status Conditionally admitted to full or regular admission without restrictions
Extension of Program One year extension
Graduate Student Petition Request for policy exceptions, extensions or redress
Request For Deferral Of Admission This application is for deferral up to two semesters.
Residency Form for H-Visa Holders Application for Illinois Residency Status for H-Visa Holders
Transfer Credit Approval Request to take non CSU credits
Thesis/Dissertation Completion Forms and information for review by Graduate/Professional Studies