Graduate and Professional Studies at CSU

With 29 degree and 17 post-baccalaureate certificate programs, Graduate and Professional Studies meets the needs of graduate and professional education at Chicago State University by building upon the strengths, experiences, and successes of the academic departments and their operations, functions and services with a full continuum of support services for prospective and continuing graduate students.


The School of Graduate and Professional Studies provides centralized administrative oversight and support to the colleges and departments administering programs and services to graduate and professional students. We support the University's mission with regard to the provision of a high quality teaching, learning, and research environment for graduate and professional students and graduate faculty.

In practice this means:

  • Advancing the development of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies with regard to students' interests and needed experiences. 
  • Serving as a focal point for the development of new initiatives that benefit the University's short- and long term goals for graduate and professional level programs and services.
  • Providing the administrative process for maintaining appropriate standards and compliance for graduate and professional programs.
  • Promoting a research-based learning environment that provides experiences and knowledge for developing critical analysis skills needed for graduate and professional students.

Research Compliance

Research conducted at Chicago State University can be deemed safe and ethical. To maintain this high standard, CSU has established appropriate  regulatory committees: Institutional Review Board for research involving human subjects (IRB); Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for research involving live vertebrate and recombinant DNA (IACUC), and a committee for research involving biohazards. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students who are trainees on NIH training grants complete a course and receive mentoring in Responsible Conduct of Research.  For more information about the IRB and CITI human subjects training,  visit  For more information about IACUC or the Radiation Safety Committee, please call the Biological Science Department at (773) 995-2183/2184.