CSU Policies

Board of Trustees By Laws (pdf)
Governing Regulations & Procedures (pdf)
Civil Service Employee Council By-Laws (pdf)
University Code of Conduct (pdf)
Student Code of Conduct (pdf)
2021-2022 Student Handbook (pdf)
2023 Undergraduate Catalog (pdf)
2022 2023 Graduate Catalog (pdf)
Faculty Senate Constitution Bylaws (pdf)
Alcoholic Beverages Policy (pdf)
Administrative Finance Policies Procedures Manual (pdf)
Property Control Act Designates the President of the University as The Responsible Officer who Reports to the Director of the Department of Central Management Services Concerning the Property of the University (pdf)
CSU-Buy Training Manual (pdf)
Policies & Procedures Grants and Research
Policies & Procedures Physical Facilities Planning & Management
Policies & Procedures  Budget
General Rules & Regulations Jones Convocation Center
Concealed Carry Policy (pdf)
Key Policy CSU Police
Missing Person Policy CSU Police
Police Policy Manual (pdf)
Anti-Bullying Policy (pdf)
Drug and Alcohol Policy (pdf)
Human Resources Policies
Civil Service Reclassification Policies
Information Security Policies (pdf)
Information Technology Policy
Student Code of Conduct (pdf)
2021 2022 Student Handbook (pdf)
Drug and Alcohol Policy (pdf)
Residence Hall Student Handbook (pdf)
Abilities Policies