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Chicago State University: Ever In Motion

We are Chicago State University. We exist to create transformative change in our students, staff and faculty, and community, unapologetic in our pursuit of growth and excellence. Our new brand identity embodies this powerful new energy and commitment while embracing the university's rich 153 year history of accomplishments.  Our core values are rooted in all 56 of our academic programs.  And our mission remains to transform the lives of our students; proudly propelling them into sought-after world-class leadership.



Chicago State University will be recognized for innovations in teaching and research, community development and civic engagement. We will promote excellence, ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and social and environmental justice. We will embrace, engage, educate, propel and elevate our students and community to transform lives locally and globally.


Chicago State University transforms students’ lives by elevating innovative teaching, research, and community partnerships through excellence in ethical leadership, cultural enhancement, economic development, and justice.

University Core Values

  • Personal and academic excellence
  • Personal, professional and academic integrity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership, service, philanthropy, social justice, and entrepreneurship
  • Creative and innovative thinking and learning
  • Pride in self, community, and the university
  • Lifelong learning