Call Me Mister


Call Me Mister StudentThe Call Me MISTER program (Mentors Instructing Students Towards Effective Role Models) is a teacher recruitment program designed to address the critical shortage of African American and Latinex male teachers.

The mission is to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader more diverse background, particularly among low performing elementary schools.

Call Me Mister Student

The Call Me MISTER program supports participants with: 

  • Four-year tuition assistance for admitted students pursuing teaching careers
  • Academic and social emotional support systems to help assure their success
  • Assigned Mentorship
  • A cohort system for social and cultural support
  • Monthly activities with a focus on the educational profession
  • Participation in innovative research experiences
  • Job placement support



Call Me Mister StudentWho can apply?

All applicants will be considered with a preference given to students entering their freshman year at Chicago State University. To apply to the Call Me MiSTER program, a student must enroll as a teacher education major in one of the following programs: - Early Childhood Education - Elementary Education - Middle Grades Education - Physical Education - Special Education



Criteria for all applicants includes:

Offer of admission from CSU Admissions

Two written essays  

  • Why I want to be a teacher
  • How can I give back to my community

One interview

Two letters of recommendation

  • from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal at the high school form which the diploma is earned.
  • from a person of the student's choice who can express the student's involvement in the community and/or potential for entering the teaching profession.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid on File at CSU

High School Diploma

High School GPA of 2.5 or better



Applications are due by midnight on May 15, 2022.

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