LSAMP Student Presentation AwardeeLSAMP Scholars are a highly committed group of students who have declared a major in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and expressed an interest in research and/or pursuing a graduate degree. Selected Scholars participate in comprehensive activities designed to prepare, motivate, and cultivate a world class, broadly inclusive and diverse science and engineering workforce while expanding general scientific literacy through research. 

Scholar Eligibility 

Eligibility for the ILSAMP program is restricted to underrepresented* minority students in certain STEM majors.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Interested students are encouraged to apply by contacting their institutions Student Coordinator.  Program eligibility requirements are listed below: 

  1. Enrolled in a participating ILSAMP school as an full-time undergraduate STEM Major
  2. Expressed interest in pursuing a STEM baccalaureate degree
  3. Expressed interest in pursuing an advanced degree in STEM discipline
  4. Completed ILSAMP application form and submitted required recommendations
  5. 3.0 GPA or higher
  6. U. S. citizen or permanent naturalized U.S. citizen
  7. Non-pre-professional STEM majors 

*African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Alaska Native, or Pacific Islander 


  • Faculty Mentoring to help retain students in STEM disciplines
  • Supplemental instruction to strengthen student STEM course success and retention
  • Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) during academic and summer sessions.
  • Participate in Conferences and Workshops
  • National Laboratory Internships (i.e. Argonne, National Institute of Standard and Technology, Fermi Lab)
  • International Research Experience (Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Monte Negro)
  • Annual Student Research Symposium (Abstracts, Poster and Oral Presentations)
  • Graduate Exploration (seminars and workshops)
  • Pre-college/Undergraduate Bridge Programs (freshmen and transfer student transition into four-year institutions)
  • Bridge to Doctorate Program (UIC) - provides post-baccalaureate fellowship support to a doctoral students 
  • Internships (Research and Corporate)
  • Paid Institution based research Assistantship