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History & Africana Studies

Chicago State University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Africana Studies Program, launched in Fall 2022, offers three concentration options: History Liberal Arts Option, Africana Studies Option, and Teaching Option (Secondary Education Social Studies Teaching Licensure). All options are growing and focus on the development of historical and African-centered analysis and research skills, which broadens the types of career paths with more interdisciplinary and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)- and research-focused positions.

The Master of Arts in History focuses on the development of historical analysis and research skills, and the interdisciplinary nature of the Program provides knowledge and skills that have applicability to careers in the public or private sector, including government, corporate, and non-profit and meets the needs in increasingly culturally diverse workplaces. The program features Africana and United States History within an interdisciplinary approach. History degree graduates from Chicago State University acquire competencies to teach courses in History, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, and other social sciences in secondary schools and community colleges. A significant number of Master of Arts in History awardees graduates pursues their path to a Ph.D. degree as well as careers in legal service, justice, and public order.

The Program offers the post-baccalaureate non-degree secondary education social studies teaching licensure program (TCHI) for the candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in an area other than education the opportunity to earn a professional educator license and the post-baccalaureate certificate in Archives and Records Management (ARM) for the students who wish to pursue careers in archives, records management, and in libraries with special collections units that include archives and records management divisions.

History and Africana Studies Advisor: 

Undergraduate: Africana Studies, History Liberal Arts, and History Secondary Education Teaching Options

Graduate: MA in History, Post-Bac Secondary Education Teaching Licensure Certification


Suzuko Morikawa



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Testimonial“Chicago State University History program’s curriculum is outstanding with a variety of courses to choose from. Classes include U.S. History, Africana History (Haitian and Caribbean), Religion and many more areas. The class sizes are smaller, which allows us more individualized times with the instructor.  Also, the class schedules are flexible and able to fit into any schedule. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on reading, writing and research which is a winning recipe for any future Historian. CSU’s History BA program really helped me grow as a historian.” 

Sherece Spann, B.A. History Alumna and M.A. History Candidate


Testimonial“Africana Studies at Chicago State University provided me with an exceptional educational experience. The faculty challenged me to think critically, question assumptions, and foster my intellectual growth. Their mentorship helped me develop a nuanced understanding of global issues through a multidisciplinary lens. Beyond the classroom, the Program provided me with opportunities to engage in meaningful experiential learning. I worked as a student assistant at the Global Engagement Office, where I shared my firsthand experiences studying abroad in Africa with fellow students. This experience allowed me to apply the knowledge and perspectives I gained in the Africana Studies program to foster intercultural exchange.”

Kori Riley, B.A. History and Africana Studies (Africana Studies Option) Class of 2024.


TestimonialThe Chicago State University History Program inspired me to continue my academic journey and pursue my PhD in History. My professors and the course content offered at Chicago State University prepared me to lead rigorous research projects and explore exciting opportunities that allow me to pair humanities and digital media.

Reginald Rice, MA in History 2020