Emergency Purchases
Protect Chicago Project
The State of Illinois allows the University to make emergency procurements in excess of the solicitation threshold (greater than $100,000) without competitive solicitation or prior notice when any of the following conditions exist:
  • a threat to public health or public safety
  • when immediate expenditure is necessary for repairs to State property in order to protect against further loss of or damage to State property
  • to prevent or minimize serious disruption in critical State services that affect health, safety, or collection of substantial State revenues
  • to ensure the integrity of State records

If these conditions are encountered and an emergency purchase is required, please contact Procurement Services to begin the Emergency Purchase process before any vendor performs or delivers.

If any of the above conditions are identified and the estimated cost of a necessary purchase is less than $100,000 the need does not meet the criteria for an Emergency Purchase with the State of Illinois.  Procurement Services will expedite these small purchases for fastest possible results. CSU is not required to file documentation declaring an Emergency Purchase with the State in these cases.