About Us

The Department of Housing & Residence Life is committed to creating an enviroment that supports the academic success and personal growth of our Chicago State University residents.

Our Mission

The mission of Housing & Residence Life is to provide residents with a clean, safe, and welcoming living environment that promotes maturity, supports academic success, and enhances personal growth on every level. We are dedicated to co-curricular practice and we will actively enhance the overall student engagement experience.

Community Living Philosophy

Ernest Boyer identified Six Principles for "Campus life in search of Community" that encourage us to establish our campus environment as a community of learners. The Six Principles relate to the philosphy of community living in the Housing & Residence Life residential experience. The Six Principles are:

  • A college or university is an educationally purposeful community- we all work together to strengthen the community!
  • A college or university is a just community- the dignity of others is affirmed and we celebrate the Chicago State University code of excellence.
  • A college or university is an open community- freedom of expression is celebrated and welcomed and civility is affirmed
  • A college or university is a disciplined community- individuals accept responsibility for their actions and obligations to the group
  • A college or university is a caring community- the well-being of members of the community is supported and services to further develop and support are identified and encouraged
  • A college or university is a celebrative community- the heritage of our community will be celebrated and reaffirmed through traditions and campus rituals that mark the student progress to degree completion


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