Programs & Services

Educational Programs

The AAMRC facilitates educational programs that prepare our students to be life-long learners and responsible adults. Each program strives to intellectually and practically challenge our participants in and out of the classroom. Educational programs include:

  • “Money Moves” financial literacy lessons
  • “Road to PhD” graduate school preparation
  • Scholarship Search Sessions
  • ASAFO Book Club

Cultural Programs

With a strong focus on African-centered teaching pedagogy and content, the AAMRC aims to increase each student’s social-awareness, political consciousness, self-esteem and cultural pride. Cultural programs include:

  • “Freedom Fighter Fridays” history lessons
  • “Garvey Speaks” public speaking series
  • Emotional Emancipation circles

AAMRC Services

  • Academic Monitoring
  • Peer-advising/Tutoring
  • Social/Cultural Support
  • Computer Lab
  • Free Printing
  • Chess Lessons