of Baba Kwesi

The Kwesi Ronald Harris African-American Male Resource Center is named after a man who exemplified leadership, service, knowledge, and love for his community. “Baba Kwesi,” as his students knew him, was a mentor, educator, activist, and long-time director of the African-American Male Resource Center at Chicago State University.

Baba Kwesi began leading the African-American Male Resource Center in 2009 and in a matter of six years, he brought the graduation rate of African-American men from 7% to over 25%. However, this was only possible through his understanding of mentoring and its place in healthy Black male development. Baba Kwesi was a co-founder of TEMBO—Teaching and Educating Men of Black Origin. Through TEMBO, his ideas of the roles that cultural knowledge, self-esteem, and group-support have in academic achievement were proven evident. Countless members of TEMBO and graduates of Chicago State University often come back to express their memories of counsel, encouragement, and love shared by Baba Kwesi.

Although he has transitioned, his presence is even more so felt as his spirit continues to live on in the minds and hearts of all who knew him.