Political Science

Political Science

The CJPPS department offers a Minor in Political Science for students majoring in other degree programs such as Criminal Justice.  Political science as a discipline seeks to explain the development of political attitudes and behavior, the nature and function of contemporary political institutions, the development and implementation of public policies, and the limits and possibilities of government, both at the national and international levels.  

 A Minor in Political Science helps prepare students for careers in government, law, campaign management, business, international organizations, and research.  Areas of emphasis within the minor are: American politics and public law; international relations and comparative politics; public administration and public policy; and political theory and methodology. Students will learn to critically evaluate public policies and institutions, and are encouraged to become actively involved in the community through internships in government and public law. 


The department prepares students for careers in government and industry through internship opportunities. Political science students have completed internships in national, state, and local government agencies, state and federal legislators' offices, campaign organizations, and law firms. 

Pre-Law Studies

Although no specific major or minor is required for law school, political science courses are strongly recommended for students with an interest in attending law school.

Required Courses

Please see current catalog.

Substitutions will be considered for these requirements and courses in other disciplines may be considered with the prior approval of the Department and the Instructor involved. No courses will be accepted toward the minor below a grade of C and the minor must be completed prior to graduation.


To obtain a Minor in Political Science, you need to complete 21 credit hours from the requirements listed above and you will need to meet with your Academic Advisor to declare the minor along with your major in order for the minor to appear on your final academic transcript. 

Please contact the Department to meet with a Political Science professor if you would like to receive academic advice or if you just want to talk about your interests and career goals! 


A general education course and program assessments are conducted every semester as a  part of our institutional accreditation process.