PhilosophyMinor in Philosophy(18 Credit Hours)

The Philosophy Program offers a minor in the field to those students who desire a more fundamental appreciation for how philosophy is interconnected with law, medicine, business, the natural and human sciences in addition to those seeking personal enrichment. The Program emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills, which the discipline is uniquely positioned to offer, as well as ethics courses involving value studies applied to contemporary issues. The minor is designed to complement the students' major field of study and prepares the student for nearly every employment challenge requiring informed decision-making, critical thinking and assessment.

Required Courses

Please see current catalog.

Substitutions will be considered for these requirements and courses in other disciplines may be considered with the prior approval of the Department and the Instructor involved. No courses will be accepted toward the minor below a grade of C and the minor must be completed prior to graduation.


To obtain a Minor in Philosophy, you need to complete 18 credit hours from the requirements listed above and you will need to meet with your Academic Advisor to declare the minor (Code #1251) along with your major in order for the minor to appear on your final academic transcript. 
The Philosophy Program also has an application for the minor if you want to receive a Certificate of completion from the program.  
Please contact the Department to meet with a Philosophy professor if you want to receive advice about which philosophy coursework best suits your needs, if you want to learn about upcoming trends in the field or possible new course offerings, or if you just want to talk about anything philosophical! 


A general education assessment is conducted every semester for the following courses:  Philosophy 203--Introduction to Ethics, Philosophy 204--Introduction to Logic, and Philosophy 221--Critical Thinking.

These courses are assessed as part of our institutional accreditation process.


Minor in Religious Studies (18 Credit Hours)

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers a minor in Religious Studies through the Philosophy Department. It is multi-disciplinary, comparative, analytical, and cross-cultural in scope. Religion and religious experience are broadly construed as social, cultural, philosophical, and historical phenomena that can be analyzed from the perspectives of several traditional disciplinary boundaries. This minor is intended to complement the student's major field of study and to provide opportunities for exploring religion and the spiritual dimension of existence.