Program outcomes will be assessed against the following benchmarks:

Benchmark I

Admission to Ed.D. Program

Benchmark II

Completion of All Coursework

Benchmark III

Qualifying Examination

Benchmark IV

Admission to Doctoral Candidacy (pending passage of the Qualifying Exam)

During semester VII, after all required coursework (Note: the six hours of internship are not counted in required coursework) is completed, students will take a qualifying examination.

Benchmark V

Dean's Forum

Benchmark VI

Complete the Committee Agreement Form

Benchmark VII

Dissertation Proposal Defense

Benchmark VIII

Complete and defend dissertation and portfolio

Request ProQuest submission

Benchmark IX

Graduation Audit

Required Coursework*
Semester I-Fall
EDDL 6010 Organizational Theory and Educational Leadership 3 hrs.
EDDL 6050 Educational Statistics 3 hrs.
Semester II-Spring
EDDL 6100 Curriculum and Theory 3 hrs.
EDDL 6250 Quantitative Research 3 hrs.
Semester III-Summer
EDDL 6200 Administrative Law 3 hrs.
EDDL 6350 Qualitative Research 3 hrs.
Semester IV-Fall
EDDL 6150 Philosophical and Ethical Foundations of Education 3 hrs.
EDDL 6450 Financial Administration 3 hrs.
Semester V-Spring
EDDL 6300 Public Policy and Politics of Education 3 hrs.
EDDL 6400 Personnel Administration 3 hrs.
Semester VI-Summer
EDDL 6500 Educational Change and School Improvement 3 hrs.
EDDL 6550 Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3 hrs.
Semester VII-Fall
EDDL 6600 Critical Issues in Urban Educational Leadership 3 hrs.
EDDL 6650 Seminar in Research and Dissertation Development 3 hrs.
***Qualifying Examination
***Admission to Candidacy
Semester VIII-Spring
EDDL 6990 Dissertation 3 hrs.
Semester IX**-Fall
EDDL 6990 Dissertation 3 hrs.
EDDL 6990 Dissertation 3 hrs.
Semester XI-Fall
EDDL 6990 Dissertation 3 hrs.
*Candidates have 7 years to complete the program.
**EDDL 6990 (Dissertation) is not offered during the summer semesters.