Business Laboratory Honors Program

The Business Laboratory Honors Program (BLP) is a credit program sponsored by the College of Business. It is designed to provide students with professional job experiences prior to earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Students apply for acceptance after completing 75 college credits and earning a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, with a minimum of 2.75 within their major. They work either part-time (15-20 hours) or full-time (30-40 hours) per week while enrolled in the program. The program lasts one term unless otherwise designated by the employer. Students enroll during the academic year or during the summer.

On-campus classes may be limited or not feasible to complete during the period students are enrolled in the BLP. Many employers consider the internship opportunity as a full-time job and require students to maintain regular office or business hours while in the program.

Application: Students must apply and be accepted for admission to the program one semester prior to beginning their internship. Deadlines are posted and publications are available in (BHS 435) and the Dean’s Office (BHS 602). All enrollments are under the advisement of the Dean’s Office and credit hours are awarded with the advice and consent of the department chairperson. Some departments have restricted the number of credit hours internships can be used toward graduation; contact the department for details. (Acceptance into the program does not guarantee job placement, which is required for receiving course credit.)

Course Offerings

3207 Business Laboratory Internship I (3)

Prerequisites: Admitted major. Consent of program director.

First internship in the Cooperative Education Program

3208 Business Laboratory Internship II (3)

Prerequisites: Admitted major. Consent of program director.

Second internship in the Cooperative Education Program.

Students must complete required courses with a C or better.   Here is the Internship Applicaton for the BLP internship program.