Scholarly Works 

Spring 2016 – Presentations

Bokhari, Z. (2016). Academy of International Business (AIB) US Midwest Conference, Creating Business Incubators through Universities will Grow Economy Fast in Africa. 

Jackson, J.R., 2016. American Marketing Association, Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference. Big Data: Goldmine or Minefield.

Jackson, J.R., (2016). MBAA International Conference, Surveillance, Privacy and the Tipping Point.

Jackson, J.R., & Simpson, S., (2016). MBAA International Conference, Embracing Smart Phones in the Marketing Classroom.

Fall 2016 – Presentations

Jackson, J.R., (Fall 2016). A Perfect Fit - Personalization versus Privacy.

Spring 2017 – Presentations

MBAA International Conference, Privacy, and Surveillance: Is There Any Such Thing as Privacy, Jackson, J.R., 2017.

Spring 2017 - Publications

Abuleil, S. & Alsamara K. (2017). Using NLP Approach for Analyzing Customer Reviews, Proceeding of the 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing AISC-2017, Zurich, Switzerland, January 2-3 2017. 

Simyar, F.  & Osouji, L., (2017). Strategic Planning for Academic Administrators, Planning in College of Business:  The Case of Nikita College of Business, Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education.

Fall 2017 – Presentations

Bokhari, Z., (2017). Grass Root Level Economic Development and Entrepreneurial Small Business Development Model in Africa Presented Through USDA and Chicago State University. 

Bokhari, Z., (2017).  Presented Entrepreneurial Small Business Incubators, Capacity Building Developmental Projects, and Commercialization of Agriculture Linked with Willow University.  

Bokhari, Z/. (2017, September). Presented Local Economic Development linked with University Paper at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

Bokhari, Z., (2017, November). Presented Local Economic Development linked with University Paper at Khawaja Fareed University in Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan.