General Education Assessment


Every fall and spring term, the general education assessment coordinators lead the effort in their respective discipline areas to assess, analyze, and report on general education outcomes.  Faculty can then base curricular and pedagogical decision making based on the results.Information from the General Education assessment process is shared back with the General Education Committee to help inform and improve courses and the entire General Education curriculum at Chicago State University.

Outcomes & Assessment Examples

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General Education

CMAT 1130: Communication for Professionals: uses a rubric to assess students’ communications competencies in a Mock Job Interview embedded assignment.
In MUS 1134: History and Appreciation of Music: students demonstrate learning the relationship among arts, culture and cultural values in a pre/post assessment that include listening samples.
Students display growth in critical thinking in intersection of the natural and social sciences in the PHS: Critical Thinking in Science and Technology: through an open response pre/post assessment focused on claim, evidence, and implications.
BIOL 1070: Biological Sciences Survey I: examines student understanding of scientific inquiry following a Photosynthesis-Scientific Inquiry Laboratory. 
ENG 1270: Composition I: used a rubric to investigate student competency in reading about a social issue and crafting a reflection essay in response. 
In PSYC 1100: Introduction to Psychology: student understanding of the interaction of science and society is examined using a pre/post assessment with questions on experimentation, sampling, imaging, and the different subfields of psychology (behaviorism, physiological, humanism, and cognition).