1. Click your initials in upper right corner and select Administrative Assistant.
  2. Click the Services link in the left panel
  3. For the Office of Telecommunications to close an order, the requestor, his/her department’s designated administrative assistant or his/her department manager/fiscal officer must sign off the order.  TIMS will send the contact listed on the order an email requesting a signoff after the technician completes the request.
  4. To view the orders in your department requiring signoff, click Sign-offs in the left panel
  5. Check the box next to the desired order(s).
    1. If the order is complete, Sign-off.
    2. If the order is not complete, Decline
    3. To view the order, click the GO button next to the desired order.
  6. Enter any comments regarding the order, if necessary. 
  7. Click the OK box

Telecommunications Information Management System

Office of Telecommunications

Information Technology Division