My Account

  1. Click your initials in upper right corner and select Faculty/Staff
  2. Click the My Account link in the left panel
  3. Click Overview, then select Overview. This will display the prior month’s billing date and amount.
  4. Click Overview, then select Unbilled Non-Usage. This show all of the current month’s mobile device costs, if any.
  5. Click Overview, then select Unbilled Usage. This displays current month’s usage, if any.
  6. Click Overview, then select Personal Usage
    • This is where you review all of your calls and can mark them as personal, if necessary. If a call is personal, check the box next to the call, and click the Mark as Personal box.
    • NOTE: The daily alert letter still requires a response.  If calls are personal and not within policy, you must submit proof of payment to the Office of Telecommunications.
  7. This is where you can review your monthly call reports.  The statement date is referencing the prior month, i.e. 01-Nov-2019 is October 2019.  To view a particular month, click on the date
  8. This is a summary of the month’s calls.  To view the details, click the View Bill button
  9. The system produces a .pdf document of calls for the specified month.

Telecommunications Information Management System

Office of Telecommunications

Information Technology Division