Disconnect Service

  1. Click your initials in upper right corner and select Administrative Assistant
  2. Click the Services link in the left panel
  3. To view a list of extensions/numbers for your unit, click Services-->Services.  Please review all the numbers and assignees listed to ensure they are correctly assigned to your department.  Please submit the appropriate order to correct any errors.
  4. If you don’t need the extension currently, click Disconnect Service button. The Office of Telecommunications will reserve this extension for your department and will not reassign it to another department without your department’s approval.
  5. Enter any other requirements, i.e. long distance, caller id, etc.  Enter the contact information and click the Next> or Finish button.
  6. Leave the box unchecked, click the Next> or Finish button.
  7. Enter time availability, secure location, and leave DPV boxes blank.  Click the Next> or Finish button.
  8. Verify the information on the screen.  If necessary, click the <Prev button to go back and add information.  Make sure you’ve entered all the relevant information before proceeding.
    • Click the Finish button.
  9. Click Cart in the left panel
  10. Before submitting the order for approval, you can still cancel the order. If you don’t want to cancel the order, skip to step 17
    • To cancel the order, check the box next to the order and click the Remove Checked button
  11. To cancel the order, click the Yes button.
  12. To continue with the order, click the No button.
  13. To make changes to the order, check the box next to the order and click the Edit Checked button
  14. Make any necessary changes and click the Save button.  If no changes, click the Cancel button.
  15. To add any notes or attachments, click the ‘Add Voice Service to Subscriber’ link
  16. At this point, you can still click cancel the order by clicking the Remove button or add additional information by clicking the Edit button.
    • To add create a note, click the Create Note button.
    • To just add an attachment, click the Create Attachment button.
  17. To submit your order, click the Proceed to Checkout button
  18. Check the order and click the Submit Checked button. 
    • To cancel, click the cancel button, then go through the Remove process
  19. Click the Checkout Items button
    • You’ve created and submitted your order to your manager for approval!!!
    • Click the Exit button
  21. You will receive an email with the subject of ‘Created Pre-Order Add’. This email means that the order was sent to your manager for approval.
  22. After your manager approves the order, you will receive an email with the subject of ‘Respond Service Order’.  The Office of Telecommunications has received your order and is processing your order.
  23. Your order should be complete within five business days. You will receive an email with the subject of ‘Sign Off Request for Service Order’.   Please click on the link at the end of the email to let us know if it is complete to your satisfaction.
  24. If the order is complete, Sign-off.
    • If the order is not complete, Decline
  25. The Office of Telecommunications has closed the order.  Please click the link at the bottom of the page to complete the survey.
  26. Tell us how we did!!!  How can we improve our services.

The Office of Telecommunications appreciates your business!!!

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