1. Click your initials in upper right corner and select Fiscal Officer/Department Manager
  2. Click the Billing link in the left panel
  3. Click Department Billing to view the monthly call detail report for your department.
  4. If necessary, search for the desired department by name.  Click the Billing Date link (the billing month is the month prior to the billing date, i.e. 01-Dec-2019 refers to November 2019) to be viewed.  
    1. If you want a multi-department report, sort by Billing Date by clicking the Billing Date link in the title line.
    2. Check the departments/dates of the desired reports.
    3. Click the Create a Multi-Department BillReport button.
  5. You will see a summary of the charges.  To view the entire monthly report, Click the View Report button.
  6. To view by user, click Department Billing-->Individual Bills.  Click the Subscriber ID link of the desired user.
  7. This is the summary view.  To view the full report, click the View Report button.
  8. The system produces a .pdf document of calls for the specified period.
  9. To view the Non-Usage charges, click Department Billing --> Non-Usage. Non-Usage charges refer to things like monthly service costs, taxes, equipment, etc.  To view usage charges, click Department Billing --> Usage.  Usage charges referred to actual calls made.
  10. To view recurring charges, click Recurring Charges in the left panel.  These are usually charges that are charge monthly, i.e., monthly service, taxes, etc.  You will usually only see these when the mobile services invoice is posted.
  11. To view one-time charges, click the One Time Charges link in the left panel. You will usually only see these when the mobile services invoice is posted.

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