Out Of Office

Set your vacation responder to let others know you are out of office. When someone emails you or sends a meeting, they will get an automated reply you set up.


Enable Vacation Responder

Click gear icon for settings.Click the blue type under gear "See all settings".

gmail settings enter

The General tabbed option should already be chosen from the 7 options at the top. Then scroll down to teh last option Vacation Responder at the bottom.

Vacation Responder

The rest is self explanatory but remember to

  1. Turn Vacation Responder on
  2. Set the First & Last Day
  3. Enter your message
  4. Click on Save Changs when done. DO NOT forget this.


Set Links Inside Your message

You can select text and add a hyperlink by using the keyboard command CTRL K. You can also click the chain icon to do the same, but CTRL K works in all google suite and Microsoft apps. Make sure to hcosoe if you link wil be an email or web adress.