Institutional Policy Manual Table of Contents

Article I. Establishment of Procedure for the Development of University Policies and University-wide Policies

Section: 1. Protocol and Process (pdf)

  1. Establishment of Chicago State University Institutional Policy Manual (Formerly known as the Administrative Memorandum Series)
  2. Procedure for New Policy Submissions and Recommendations

Section: 2. University-wide Policies (pdf)

  1. Anti-Fraud Policy (pdf)
  2. State Officials and Employee Ethics Act (SOEEA) (pdf)

Article II. Employment Policies

Section: 1. Adjustments, Advancements and Upgrade of Position (pdf)

  1. Promotion and Tenure for Department Chairs
  2. Civil Service Temporary Upgrades
  3. Administrative Adjustment Within the Same Classification

Section: 2. Benefits (pdf)

  1. Sick Leave
  2. Procedures for Requesting Administrative/Faculty Medical Leave and Returning to Work
  3. Educational Leave
  4. Observance of Religious Holidays by Students and University Employees

Section: 3. Campus Environment (pdf)

  1. Drug-Free Workplace
  2. Selling and Serving Alcoholic Beverages
  3. Tobacco-Free Policy
  1. Employment, Consulting, Outside Research and Professional Activities
  2. Overtime Compensatory Pay and Accumulation in Connection with Special Projects
  3. Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Civil Service Employees
  4. Civil Service and Administrative/Professional Personnel: Release Time to Serveon University Committees
  5. Overrides or Compensatory Time

Section: 5 Grievance Procedures (pdf)

  1. Civil Service Grievance Procedures

Section: 6 Hiring (pdf)

  1. University Policy on Hiring Procedures
  2. Administrative Hiring Contracts
  3. Application for University Employment
  4. Prior Criminal Record of Employment Application
  5. New Employee Orientation
  6. Criminal Background Investigation
  7. Hiring of Foreign Faculty

Section: 7 Personal Conduct on University Property (pdf)

  1. Policy on Sexual Harassment
  2. Policy on Procedures Regarding Sexual Assault

Section: 8 Resignation and Removal of Employees (pdf)

  1. Removal of Departmental Chairpersons
  2. Separation of Employees

Section: 9 Teaching and Faculty Related Issues (pdf)

  1. Emeritus Faculty
  2. Teaching By Employees Other Than Faculty
  3. Classroom Disruption
  4. Involuntary Administrative Withdrawal of Students

Article III. Research and Grants

Section: 1 Appropriate Use of Grant Funds (pdf)

  1. Use of Grant Funds for Faculty and other Employee Compensation
  2. Scientific Misconduct
  3. Policy on Replacement and Release Time on Grants

Article  IV. Safety and Emergency Procedures

Section: 1. Emergency Procedures (pdf)

  1. Transportation for Medical Care
  2. Emergency Situations Affecting Work Schedules
  3. Bomb Threats Follow-up Procedures and Search Instructions

Section: 2. Workplace Safety (pdf)

  1. Demonstrations on Campus
  2. Workplace Safety Procedures Involving Hazardous Chemicals
  3. Blood borne Pathogen Policy and Exposure Control Plan
  4. Security Awareness Guidelines

Article V. Information Technology and Telecommunications

Section: 1. Telecommunications Policy and Procedures (pdf)

  1. Policy on Use of University-Wide Voicemail Messages
  2. Calling Cards, Cellular Telephones and Pagers
    1. Cellular Telephones (pdf)
  3. Policy on Telephones and Usage (pdf)

Section: 2 Information Systems/Technology Policies (pdf)

  1. Microcomputer Use
  2. Computer and Information Code of Conduct Policy

Article VI. University Property

Section: 1. Protocols for the Use of University Property (pdf)

  1. Criminal Damage to State Property
  2. Printing Services and Mail Services
  3. Space Allocation and Management Policy
  4. Admission to Campus Facilities When University is Closed
  5. Key Control System
  6. Liability Coverage for Use of University Facilities by Non-University Organizations
  7. Naming or Designating Chicago State University Property
  8. Posting Policy

Article VII. Financial Policies and Procedures

Section: 1. Reimbursements (pdf)

  1. Entertainment Reimbursement
  2. Reimbursement of Moving Expenses
  3. Self-Insurance Program

Section: 2. Expenditure Controls (pdf)

  1. Policy on Handling Payroll Overpayments
  2. Policy on Travel

Article VIII. Course and Vendor Contracts

Section: 1. Protocol and Procedures for Contracts (pdf)

  1. University Policy on Contracts (pdf)
  2. Educational Contracts
  3. Employee - Vendor Contracts
  4. Employee - Independent Contractor (pdf)

Article IX. Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Americans with Disabilities

Section: 1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (pdf)

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan Statement
  2. Affirmative Action Plan
  3. Discrimination Complaint Procedure

Section: 2. Americans with Disabilities (pdf)

  1. Services for Students with Disabilities
  2. Special Parking for Persons with Disabilities
  3. Service Animal Policy

Article X. Student Policies and Policies and Procedures

Section: 1. Student Records and Programs (pdf)

  1. Student Records Retention Policy
  2. University Scholarship Program
  3. Work Study Program
  4. Tuition Waiver Policy for Senior Citizens (pdf)
  5. Admission Policy for Active Military or Naval Service (pdf)

Section: 2 Policy on Student Conduct (pdf)

  1. Grievance Procedures
  2. Appeal Process

Section: 3 Policy for Withdrawal from the University (pdf)

  1. Military Mobilization

Article XI. Policies for the Release of Information

Section: 1. Right to Privacy Protocols (pdf)

  1. Verification of Employment Status
  2. Release of Student Information
  3. Release of Alumni Information
  4. Financial Information Security Program (pdf)

Article XII. Solicitations

Section: 1. Guidelines for Solicitations (pdf)

  1. Political Contribution Solicitation
  2. Union Solicitation Guidelines

Article XIII. University Police

  1. Authority of Outside Police Agencies on Campus (pdf)
  2. Arrest by Outside Police Agencies on Campus
  3. Case Referrals to Outside Authorities